Workout Report September 2017

straddle human flag

Dealing with injury

Right after I created this list of all the goals I’ve set out to achieve, I was so fired up to train.

Until the idea of me hitchhiking to London, UK came in.

I knew that this journey will take some time to achieve(20 days to be exact).

While I was hitchhiking I didn’t work out because right before doing so, I had some weird injury.

I played some basketball, I played till I could not play any more and right after the games I was planning to work out.

No warm up because I thought that my body will be ready after all these games of basketball.

I started doing handstand and at some point something like snapped right above the left shoulder blade.

And while I was traveling I had to walk around Europe with a big backpack which was around 10 kilos(22 lbs).

And the shoulder straps didn’t help a lot about this injury.

This is the reason I didn’t work out, so I could give it some time to heal, but the backpack just prolonged the process.

And also if working out was not a very smart thing to do while traveling because there were times when I would walk for 10+ km or it could be very hot.

In a situation like this I would need my body ready for everything that could come next(a long trek or hot weather).

If I worked out while traveling my body would need time and more food to heal from the workout.

Which means less energy for the day, because I would workout in the morning. And workout out right before going to sleep was the last thing that went through my mind after the long walks.

And this is the reason why I haven’t posted anything new in here.

Workout report

I thought that I would lose a lot of muscle mass while traveling. It turns out that I lost about 3 kilos(6.6 lbs) of muscle.

And as usual(and natural) some part of my strength.

For the last two weeks I regained back the strength that I used to have.

Currently from the list I’m working on

  • Handstand
  • Front Lever
  • Human flag
  • Back Lever
  • And one arm pull up


I see some definite progress with the handstand.

The more I do the handstand, the more I see it as just a way to build up my awareness, which will help me the most with holding up the handstand.

Most of my kick ups are 1-2 seconds and I fall forward.

I do the 5-8 tries per one set. I usually have one or two holds that are longer, but not longer than 10 seconds.

Also I’m working on improving the mobility of my shoulder joints by doing shoulder dislocates with a rubber band.

I guess this also can slow my progress with the handstand hold but let’s see.

Front Lever

I’m doing the straddle Front lever hold mostly, and my longest hold for now is 20 seconds.

I guess I could be able to do a full front lever hold for a second or two but I’m looking on enjoying the process as much as possible and stop rushing everything.

I’ll focus on “mastering” the Straddle Front lever because I see that my body is not fully straight while doing it.

Human Flag

straddle human flag

Wow, I can’t believe that I’m so having so much success with this exercise.

I used to do it few years ago but I still can’t get used to me doing it.

I mean this is one of those exercises that I thought that my height will stop me from doing.

And the other exercise is the planche… which is understandable…

So with this one I used to do it with a closer grip than normal for no reason.

And once by mistake I tried a wider grip and I found out that it was easier.

I used to do a close grip human flag pulls(straddle) and when I started doing it with wide grip I was able to do it with my legs together.

It’s not the first time in my life that I do something the hard way by mistake…

Back lever

One week ago I started doing this exercise again.

Because I dropped it when I was doing a lot of pulling exercises in my routine

I was doing a lot of front lever pulls so I could achieve my goal.

Now that I did it, I can just do it once a week and the rest of the time work on other goals.

My progress with the back lever currently is holding the advance tuck for 20 seconds.

I will stick with slower and safe progressions with this exercise.

Because of my shoulders.

One arm pull up

Currently I’m doing the archer pull ups while I’m holding myself with one finger with the hand that I’m not pulling.

God that’s so difficult to put in words, I’ll try to take a picture of it on my next workout.


I do shoulder dislocates between and before the handstand sets.

Also when I’m done with the workout I do some one arm active hangs and some passive hangs.

I really enjoy relaxing my spine in those passive hangs…

Some general workout goals

I’m looking to minimize my time between sets and to be able to do my workout for less than an hour.

And also during my warm up I included a lot more time on warming up my spine, because of Ido Portal.

His view on moving all of the muscles of our body really hit me the other day when I watched one of his video.

I really love the way he says “I’m passionate about movement!”

I believe in what he is saying but it sounds kinda funny to me because normally people say “I’m passionate about Music/Painting/Art…”

“I’m passionate about movement!”

Anyways 😀

Happy September everyone!

Warm up properly!

If you have any questions please let me know in the comment section below.

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