Working Out During the Winter

I’m not one of the lucky people in the world who doesn’t have winter in their region.

So I have to deal with coldness, snow, ice, numb fingers, red nose and so on.

In this article I will explain few of the changes that I make every winter when the coldness comes and I want to workout outside.

Last year

I was working out outside in a minus temperature wearing only a T-shirt.

I was listening to music while training and at one point my phone stopped working, due to the coldness I guess.

Last year I was doing some more dynamic workouts, where my rest between sets was less than a minute.

When I was working out in the winter last year I couldn’t cool off because I was always doing something.

But even then I was working out with some gloves so my hands don’t get numb.

At first I was training without but I saw that my fingers would get numb so I figured that I may fall off the pull up bar while doing a Back lever.

And that would slow my overall progress big time.

So I was working out with gloves, T-shirt and a simple tracksuit pants.

And at few times I had to stop my workout because I couldn’t feel my feet.

This year

Since I had a little nerve that was aching right above my left scapula.

I had to keep it warm especially during workout so the nerve could recover.

For recovering from that I was doing mainly hot showers and extra warm up on the shoulders on every workout.

Still recovering, I still feel it from time to time when I do handstands.

This year I’m wearing a little bit more clothes than the last year.

So I could keep my body warm for the same reason I mention above.

Even though I feel that my body got used to working out in the coldness I have to keep my body warm so the nerve could have good conditions to recover.

This year I’m doing my handstand exercises at home first and I go to the pull up bar that is right next to my place.

This way gives me great warm up for the workout in the cold and I don’t need to warm up my wrists all the time.

Because when I’m doing handstands outside in the cold with my gloves on.

It’s a bit uncomfortable and also I have to do wrist warm ups all the time because I feel how my wrists and forearm muscles are cooling off.

Tips on training during the winter

  • Stay warm – keep your body warm by wearing enough clothes, you’ll know when the clothes are enough when you are not sweating. If you are sweating and you feel too hot you can take off your hat or the hoodie.
  • Warm up a bit longer – this way your body can be well prepared for the workout in those conditions.
  • Always be moving – while between sets keep moving, walk around. This way your body is moving and the blood is moving. If you stop certain body parts react to the cold and get a bit numb.
  • Deep breathing – The deep breathing will help your body oxygenate after the set and will warm you up as well.
  • Breath through the nose – This is not some yoga advise, I’m just including it because I had my tonsils removed recently, if you have a very important organ removed from your throat I recommend you to workout with a scarf as well.
  • Gloves – to keep the wrists warm. Gloves may prevent you from falling especially if they are one of those gloves that gives you better grip. Those are very helpful in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Good shoes – shoes that will protect you from numb feet.
  • Decrease rests – Decrease the resting periods between sets with 10-15 seconds, this way you will still be warm from the previous set and you would almost recover from the previous set.

Final words

The body cools off faster than normal, and you should make some changes on your workout just to keep your body warm.

You can do that by wearing a little bit more clothes, some kind of gloves that cover your wrists, so they could keep your wrists warm as well.

It’s not a really good idea to handstand with stiff wrists.

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