V-sit Progress

V-sit progress-with-a-right-quad-cramp

The first picture of the Training Feed!

I will use this section of my website, to upload pictures(and soon YouTube videos) of my progress with all the exercises I’m mastering.

V sit progression exercises

I first learned the L-sit(here is you can learn how to do it) and from then on, I started doing L-sit crunches and basically a lot of Pike stretches.

Pike Stretch

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This stretch really helped me for gaining a lot of flexibility in my lower back and hamstrings. The book by Steven Low really helped me build my own workout routine. Because before the book I was training every day, until fatigued and I got some good and bad results.

But after reading the book, I understood that some bodies need more rest and also why we need it.

And at first I was kinda pessimistic about it, but I like to try and experiment new ways of training. But the results talk about themselves, I learned straddle front lever for 5 months without busting my ass training every day.

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You can see that my right leg is not straight, that is because my right quad constantly cramped during all of my (3) sets. Next time I will try to stretch the quad more, even though I don’t think that would help because when I stretch my muscles get relaxed and become longer(stretched).

When I perform the V-sit my quads are being shortened from the contraction and that leads me to my disbelief in that, but I will try and next time I will post an update about it in this section of the blog.

I started a job and I found a new place to live. In it I got steel pipes that are going through the entire building. I use those steel pipes for human flags and dragon flags. The closest pull-up bar near me is 20 minutes away and with a 9-5 job I can’t afford that time.

I’m training almost every day at home. The strength workout is every other day, which most likely is full body workout. On the next day, I do some stretches, that include:

  • Shoulder dislocates
  • Wrists stretches
  • Passive hangs
  • Pike stretches
  • Lotus positions

I do all of them for an increase in mobility and flexibility of those joints, especially the shoulder dislocates. I have rounded shoulders and this is one of the things I try to fix them. So far so good.

Let’s see what happens next…

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