The Secret to Enjoying the Process

You finally decided to start training.

And few weeks go by and you are already 3 weeks in your journey to become the best version of yourself.

But you look at yourself on the third week and you are not the person that you thought you will be.

You imagined that by the 3 week you will be ripped and strong AF(my US slang is getting better).

What happened here? – you ask.

Why am I not progressing faster?

And on the next few training days you start your workout with disbelief in what you do.

Which may be doubt in yourself or doubt in what you are doing.

When I had workouts like that most of them were terrible workouts.

And the workout after that will probably be the same.

Shit like that can make any normal person say “Fuck that shit, I’m not doing it!”.

Which is not something to be ashamed of. It is normal to give up in something that you don’t see any progress in.

I’ve had many times in my life when I gave up because I didn’t see any progress.

Well they are not that many after all I’m 26 y/o.

But at one point I looked at the ones that I kept going at and I was progressing in.

And of course some books helped me better understand(1 & 2) why I was successful in some skills and why I failed in others.

We gave up because

In most cases we gave up because we don’t see any results.

Of course this is not completely true with everyone of us.

I just know that it is true for me.

I gave up when I don’t see results.

And sometimes I give up when I don’t see the results that I expected.

We grow when we see progress

Progress equals Happiness – Tony Robbins

This was the turning point in my life.

An year ago I was working on the tucked planche and I was training 3 times a week.

And put in as much as effort that I could but I couldn’t hold it for more than 30 seconds, no matter what I did.

(I figured what I could do but that was few months later)

I gave up with that move and I replaced it with something else.

And now when I go to workout.

I do my set and I write down in my journal the details that I would be helpful in the future.

And the next time when I do the same exercise I will try my best to do it a little bit better.

I would try to add one rep more and if I can’t I would do few negatives.

For example on Monday I did 15 Pull ups and on Wednesday I’ll try my best to do 15+ reps.

If I can’t do 16 full reps I’ll add few negatives right at the end of every set.

In my eyes this still counts as progress.

When I look through my training journal I’ll see growth.

That will inspire me to keep going, because I know that what I’m doing is right and if I keep doing it, I’ll reach my goals.

Sometime it’s difficult to see the progress

There are a lot of skills(such as writing, painting, etc.) where you have to check your progress in longer periods of time.

And this delayed feedback may demotivate you to go any further if you don’t have a plan of action.

Of course if you want to write a book and you have no idea how to do it, this may cause you to lose interest in that dream.

Same thing happens when you start for the first time with calisthenics and you have never trained in your life.

You try to do a muscle up and you fail to get your shoulders above the bar.

And you think “Fuck it, I’ll stick with dips and pull ups”.

But even big goals such as writing a book, Front lever, back flip or what ever…

Can be broken down to small tasks that can bring you success almost every time that you perform them.

For example my goal is to do a full front lever pull(slowly).

I started from the lowest progressions and focused on increasing reps and when I could do a lot of reps I would start performing the move slower. And eventually progress to more difficult progression.

I started with 2 reps of One legged Front lever. And I would build up from there.

And every workout I would see progress towards my end goal.

In most cases I would be able to do one rep more than my last workout. I had times when I would have 2 reps but that was very rare.

I guess I was just too motivated before the set.

The main focus here

Is to break down the big goal into small every day steps that you could take.

In steps that you could see progress.

If that is not possible for your desired skill review your progress each 4 or 7 days.

For example if your goal is to hold full front lever for 5 seconds:

  1. Front Lever(FL) tuck hold
  2. FL advanced tuck hold
  3. FL one leg
  4. FL straddle
  5. FL full band hold
  6. Full Front Lever – end goal.

And you could add some extra exercises to make it a little bit interesting, because sometimes it gets boring to do the same thing for quite some time.


Focus on the progress to your end goal.

Where your focus go that’s where the energy goes – Tony Robbins

Break down your goal into small tasks and review the progress over a period of time(a day or more).

What is your biggest training goal? Share with me in the comments below!

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