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The Straight Handstand Challenge

The Fails

I’m having a love hate relationship with the handstand…

I’m trying to learn it for the past two years now.

And I have so little progress, it’s unbelieavable.

At first I started doing the wall handstand, then I figured that the real deal is free handstand, so I had to find the courage to try it, because at first the free handstand looks very scary when you’ve never tried it.

And this transition was a big win.

At first I was doing the gymnastic kick up, and right after I saw signs of maybe doing a one second hold some friend told me “why not just kick up with your hands on the ground first”, like the stance the sprinters do right before they start running.

And I was sure let’s try it out.

Since then I’m doing this same kick up(for almost two years now), and I’m having some holds here and there.

I had my biggest hold for 15 seconds few days ago, but most of the times it is just failed kick ups.

Failed kick ups means I either kicked too strong and I had to roll out to the side or too weak and I had to fall back.

Also before every attempt I do some shoulder dislocates with a rubber band to open up the shoulder joints.

For this past year I started seeing really good results of my shoulders opening up, because of this exercise.

Overall for the past year I’m seeing good progress in terms of shoulder mobility and handstand hold duration.

Even though it seems slow for me, it’s still progress.

The Goal

The goal  is to be able to do a straight gymnastic hollow body hands right under the shoulders pointy tows shoulders extended handstand.

Is that too much to ask God?

Ok, the goal is a simple handstand by the gymnastic standards.

And for me to be able to do this I have to open my shoulder joints completely.

Also I have to learn hollow body position.

Oh and to be able to balance my body on my hands.

Well, duh.

Jokes aside

I realize that it may take some time to learn the hand balancing.

Especially for someone like me who works on hand balancing three times a week.

But the goal of this project is actually straightening my handstand pose.

And below you will find all of the posts that are related to this goal.

I will share every success and every failure.

And I really hope that you find some value in my journey and hopefully that will push you to start your own journey!

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