Shamrock Triple Gym Review – All in One Home Pull Up Bar

Shamrock Triple Gym, Pullup, Dip and Suspension Gym

Shamrock Triple Gym is one of the few pull up bars that gives you the opportunity to fully train your upper body at home, on a rainy day.

It seems like that the pull up bar is just named after UFC hall of famer Ken Shamrock, but the creator of this home gym is Mick Keogh.

Here is his review of his own product. My favorite line is: “I’m big, strong and ripped”. It’s kinda funny for me.

Shamrock triple gym is excellent for the newcomers

The shamrock pull up station is excellent if you are just starting out with calisthenics training because there is everything that you need to start working out.

For example when I started weight training I couldn’t do dips and pull ups, but if you are like me this is everything that you need. If you can not do pull ups and dips, you can start with body-weight rows and push ups on the straps(which is harder than the normal push up).

If it’s raining outside this is all you need to make you cry and ask for more(if you like HIIT training of course).

Basic specifications

The pull up bar can withstand 300lb athletes, but I guess that trainees who weight closely to 280lb will bend the lightweight steel bars.

I guess it can withstand 300lb athletes during a passive hang, but not when performing pull ups or something else.

Normally the bars are sturdy, but it just bends when the user is around 280lb and does beast mode exercises.

It does not come with charts and instructional DVDs, only a small list of exercises that you can perform are shown on the box.

What tools do I need?

You don’t need any tools to mount it. No screws needed, no holes, nothing. Just mount it on top of your door frame.

You may wrap a small towel on each of the ends of the bar, to prevent it from leaving marks when you do pull ups.

There are instructions included that will help you completely on how to mount it on your doorway.

Shamrock triple gym Body weight biceps curls

35 possible exercises?

In the video and on their Amazon page they claim that you can perform up to 35 exercises with this thing, which is not that hard actually. If I was the marketer of this thing I would say up to 100 exercises, but anyway.

Here are some good exercises you can start with

Push ups, dips(you can perform triceps, normal and wide dips), triceps extension, L-sit, V-sit(probably, not sure though), you can put the straps on the pull up bar and use them as rings(Bulgarian dips), pull ups(with all kinds of grips), front lever, back lever, different leg raises, hanging core exercises, using the strap for some core exercises, body-weight biceps curls and maybe some Strap(TRX) lunges.

dips on shamrock triple gym


When you buy a pull up bar like this you have everything you need to challenge your upper body properly. And actually working out at home may help you get some money, if you stop paying your gym membership of course. 🙂

Most of the sellers on Amazon are selling fake pull up bars with fake 5 star reviews. After going through the reviews of this bar, most of them were honest reviews 4-5 star reviews, there were few 1 star reviews but I guess that is normal, there is nothing perfect, if you find it, post it in the comments(no nude girls please).


Price: $79.99 $59.99

If you don’t like this type of pull up bar, I’ve collected some of the best pull up bars on the market based on honest purchased reviews.

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