Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review – The Ab Buster


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro – The State of the Art Ab Roller

I love using my ab roller when it’s raining outside and I want to give my body a quick and intense workout.

Especially on those lazy days.

If you get addicted to this cool thingy you might spend the majority of your workouts at your place.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro compared to all the other boring ab rollers has a cool technology that makes your rolling out a bit harder and your rolling in a bit easier.

Remember those car toys that you pull back and release, well it is something like that.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the same technology but that’s how I explain it to myself, lol.

The technology consists of a carbon steel spring inside the Ab Carver Pro which will reduce the strain on your lower-back.

This mechanism is what makes this ab roller so unique compared to the others.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro


Of course the main working muscles are the abs(rectus abdominus). You will feel the burn mostly there.

The stabilizing muscles are shoulders, back muscles, triceps and even hips and glutes.

Some people may feel the burn in the lower back, if that is so please watch this video by Athlean-X.

He did a very good video explaining how to do it right. Props for that!

When I perform the ab rollout I mainly feel the burn in my abs the most and after that in my delts and upper back.

Additional features

The ab roll comes with foam kneepads that will make your workout more comfortable for your knees.

For me personally this is a big one, because I had to use blankets for my knees when using my ab roller.

Ab Carver Pro Workout

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Also in the package is included a simple workout that will help you guide you if you are new to working out with an ab roller.

And of course this does not mean that the ab roller is exclusively for beginners only.

There are various moves that can be a challenge even for an advance athlete.

Such as the full roll out or even one arm full roll out and of course the super Sayan one leg one arm full roll out(I just made out the last one, I hope I encounter a human being that is able to do this).

You can easily remove the ergonomic handles to help the transportation and storage of the roller easier.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro wideness

One of my ab rollers is a simple thin wheel with handles.

And in the beginning when I was still learning to balance the roll outs and roll ins I used to fall to the side.

I was lucky enough to not injure myself, but this could not be the case for some people.

That is why with this ab roller the wheel is wider than normal.

If you lose balance, the wheel will fall on either one of the two sides of the wheel itself.

Which the first few times may be a bit hard for the obliques and for the arm that is on the side of the fall.

But you will get used to rolling on the center of wheel in a couple of months without a problem.

There is also a 1 year manufacturer warranty in case there is a problem, all you have to do is just contact them through their amazon product page.

Some training tips for the beginners

If you have never tried this or never trained much, the ab roller is a perfect start for you.

As you grow stronger and leaner the ab roller will give you some basic strength and if you reach the full roll out and roll in you are considered somewhere between intermediate and advance.

As always before you start working out remember to warm up properly.

Here is my warm up routine that really helps me prepare my body for work out.

If you haven’t trained for some time now, your first workout will be just to introduce this new move to your muscles and nervous system.

The workout should be no more than 5 sets.

The first set just test your ability to see how far you can go.

You can do only roll outs against the wall at a safe distance.

The wall will work as a safe zone.

Roll out slowly and in a controlled manner.

After a week or two of doing this few times a week you should be able to do the roll in.

But the progress depends entirely up to you.

There are people who need more time to advance to the next step.

And there are people who can do a full roll out and roll in on their first time they touch a ab roll(probably short distance swimmers, those fuckers…).

But while training focus on keeping your balance.

Your endurance and strength will increase over time and you will be able to do more sets and reps.

Adding ab rolls to your workout

This is a good exercise to add to your workout.

But it should be one of the first exercises that you do, due to the fact that it is a compound movement formed by various muscle groups(abs, chest, shoulders, back).

And most of your energy will be spent during this exercise.

Goals for different levels

  • Beginner goal: Doing the roll out against the wall in a controlled manner
  • Intermediate goal: Doing a roll out and roll in with a full arm extension on your knees
  • Advanced goal: Doing a a full roll out and roll in on your feet


The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro will give you exactly what you paid for.

And all you have to do is work your ass off in order to see the change.

If you do only ab rolls the workouts will not be long, no more than 30 minutes. Because it’s pretty intense.

It is a perfect fit for people of different training backgrounds.

Perfect for the new trainees and a good addition to the advance athletes as well.

The price for the ab roller is 39.99$ and you can order one from Amazon by clicking right here -> Yay, get a Ab Carver!


Please let me know what you think about it in the comments section below!

And I wish you steady progress in your workouts!

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