How to perform a proper push-up

Here is how to perform this exercises right: Get on the ground and put your hands shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows in while performing it. Start lowering your body towards the ground, inhale while lowering. Get close to the ground and push off the ground, keep your body straight, keep your elbows in and exhale at the top.

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Calisthenics Diet Plan – The Easy and Lazy way

In this article, I will not give you the perfect calisthenics diet plan or the perfect meal plan. Here I will teach you how to design your own diet plan and how to put most of the things that you like in it(excluding all of the sweets of course). Organic is always the best choice! I hope that I don't have to explain why organic foods are better than all the processed foods or commercially raised fruits, veggies and animals. Benefits of organic diet Stronger immune system Stronger digestive system Removes most of [...]

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Convict Conditioning Results

To save you some time scroll down for the Convict Conditioning Results(before and after pictures). Before I started my Convict Conditioning program, I had little experience in that field, I just finished 6 months in the gym, just before summer of 2014, the same summer I started a full-time job for the summer, and I could not train, so I lost some of my muscle mass and strength also. I quit my job! I started doing calisthenics. I was doing 2 pull ups with really bad form, 7 dips with good [...]

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Body Weight Shoulder Exercises at Home, read it and start training

Here you will find the best body weight shoulder exercises, that you can do at your place. You can read the article for 5 minutes and start the workout immediately after that, here is a little how-to on warming up. Start training! I know that you probably train every day and you don't see any strength or muscle gains in your shoulder muscles. When you get stuck in a plateau do something different, don't try harder, it may help, but it may be a waste of time. The best choice is to try [...]

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Calisthenics Equipment for a Home Gym

Calisthenics equipment that will fill your home gym with the most useful training gear. So just to keep it simple as possible, all  you need as a calisthenics athlete is a pull-up bar, parallettes, fitness band and rings, but I really believe that for a beginner the pull-up bar is more than enough. But for an advanced athlete all this equipment plus some weights. Let's get in more detail on this topic. Pull up bars We all know what you can use the pull up bar for, but here are some [...]

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The Best Body Weight Chest Exercises

Here is the everyone's favorite muscle(after the biceps), the Pectoralis major muscle, (Wikipedia), also called "pecs". The purpose of this article is to educate the athletes, who just started calisthenics training, how to gain strength and muscle with this body weight chest exercises. Body weight chest exercises: Normal push-up Diamond/close grip push-up Elevated push-ups Pike push-ups Dips and straight bar dips You will not find exercises about your inner pecs or outer pecs in this article, there is nothing like inner pecs or outer pecs. In here you will find exercises to build [...]

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Lower Back Calisthenics Exercises

In this article, I will discuss the various types of strength gaining only with lower back calisthenics exercises. I've listed exercises for beginners and also exercises for intermediate athletes. Exercises in this article: Reverse Leg Raise Superman/Hyper Extension Single-leg Romanian deadlift Headstand leg raise You CAN build up strength in your lower  back muscles with body-weight exercises It is not what everybody says, that you need to do weighted exercises like the deadlift to build up strength in your lower back. You can do it by using only your body-weight, if you can do [...]

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The Best Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners and a Simple Routine

In this post you will find information of the exercises you can do as a beginner and a simple routine that you can do for the first couple of months or as long as you want. And here are the exercises included in the routine: Dips Push ups Inverted rows Pull ups Lunges Squats Before I explain the exercises let me tell you a little something about the workout. The first thing you need to do before your workout is to warm up your body properly for any physical activity. I [...]

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Calisthenics with weights and DIY weights

By performing calisthenics with weights, you will increase your muscle mass and also your strength. And who does not like that? :) In here you will learn how to attach weights to you, how to hold it, how and what to backpack for a weight and the most important how to make your own weights. There are a lot of different types of weights you can try, and I really mean it, a lot. There are ankle weights, weight vests, weights that you attach to your waist or just put heavy chains on [...]

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Overcoming Gravity Review – Must Read Book!!!

Overcoming Gravity By Steven Low - Book Review: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength by Steven Low is a book that helped me a lot and thought me a lot of things. Since I started working out only with my body-weight, I used the same weight lifting principles I used when I was training only with weights. And I had great success, but later I've met some people who train every day, pushing and pulling workouts(and sometimes twice or thrice a day), and I started training like them, but the [...]

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