The Secret to Enjoying the Process

You finally decided to start training. And few weeks go by and you are already 3 weeks in your journey to become the best version of yourself. But you look at yourself on the third week and you are not the person that you thought you will be. You imagined that by the 3 week you will be ripped and strong AF(my US slang is getting better). What happened here? - you ask. Why am I not progressing faster? And on the next few training days you start your workout with [...]

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How to Form the Habit of Working Out Regularly?

The New Years Resolution There are a lot of people who say or plan "This year I'll start working out". "The plans for last year and the year before do not matter at all, I feel that this is the year that I will finally do it!" Most of those plans fail. And let's not forget the people who actually successfully with their New Years Resolution Applause for the people who actually stick with their plans. Congratulations to those boys and girls! But let's talk about those people who go to [...]

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Overcoming Gravity 2 – Book Review

Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength The long awaited Overcoming Gravity 2 is finally here. It took me some time to read it, after all it's 600 pages of pure knowledge and wisdom. It is 50 pages more than the first edition but it is all worth it. Let's get started with a short bio of the author. Steven Low is  is a former gymnast who has performed with and coached the exhibitional gymnastics troupe, Gymkana. He has also spent thousands of hours independently researching the scientific foundations [...]

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Doing Shoulder Dislocates to Opening up the Should Joints

I've always loved the handstand. And before starting practicing my kick up, balancing etc. I started researching how to do, how to learn it and best practices. I noticed that there are two types of handstand: Straight line handstand(mostly performed by the gymnastics) Banana handstand(mostly performed by the street workout community) A post shared by Sam Gach (@samgachyoga) on Feb 21, 2017 at 6:28pm PST Shout out to Sam Gach (@samgachyoga)! Follow him on Instagram, he got skillz! You can see perfectly what is the difference between the two. Some people [...]

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Workout Journal, What for? Why? & How?

What's a workout journal? Workout journal, workout diary or workout log is an app, website or notebook in which you input what you did during your workout. What's the reason of the workout journal? Keeping track of your progress. Having details of what you were and what you will become. Motivate you to keep going in those hard days when excuses pop up in your mind. Becoming more organised with your workout goals, strength goals, muscle gain and/or weight loss. What does it mean to keep track of your progress? For [...]

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How to Use Your Mind During Workout

Before starting with the main topic "How to use your mind during workout"... What does it even mean to use your mind during workout Have you had a time when you went to the gym and... The bird were singing, the sun was shining... In the mean time you were enjoying every rep of your workout. Until Some guy comes and starts lifting with similar weights like you but just a little bit more than you. If you are like me, you probably started thinking: "Look at this guy, you are [...]

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Dinosaur Training Review – Lost Secrets of Strength and Development

Dinosaur Training Honest Book Review A little bit about the author Brooks Kubik is a 38 old weight lifter(at the time of the book was written), Who has huge passion for weight lifting and not only about that, but he is very passionate about the proper way of working out(I'll explain that later). He also has a series of Dinosaur training books. For him weight training is nothing else but ART, excuse me not just weight training but productive weight training. I completely agree with him on that. *Bows down* He [...]

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Lost all my progress and I’m Going at it again

I'm 70 kilos... It's not only sad that I lost 7 kilos of muscle mass and what not but I lost most of my strength as well. I lost most of it in the past two months. In the beginning of January I had some issues with my tonsils and I stopped training for a month. And at that time I did one week detox, eating only raw vegetables and fruits. For 5 days my total calorie intake was no more then 1000. And the body had to feed itself somehow. It [...]

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Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia by Ben Musholt Book Review

Like in all of my reviews I try to be as objective as possible, and this review is no different then the rest of my reviews. Before making a product review on my website, I always check other people's reviews of the product and also check the reviews from buyers in Amazon(or wherever I get commission from). For me it wasn't very productive to read the other reviews(everyone makes it look so fabulous), and that's why I invest more time in the buyers reviews. My main focus to do that is [...]

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The Most Important Rep of Your SET

In one long forgotten world there was one guy(ME :) ) who was thin as a rail and this boy loved to play basketball even though he was not the best or the strongest. But my dream when playing basketball was to jump higher so I can dunk the basketball. I started looking for new and interesting ways to do that. I started reading a lot about fitness, weight lifting, lurking in the basketball forums. And after reading one of the most influential books in my life(don't remember the name though) [...]

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