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Summer 2016

This summer I was working in a party resort, which was one of the best summers of my life, I’m 25 y/o the best summer for me is not so hard to accomplish.

I was working as a promoter for two places, which overall was around 9 hours but actually it was 10 hours with the running in between jobs.

It was fun because I was talking to a lot of people, one of the things I’m changing in my life. When I was younger I didn’t had any social fun and it took me a lot of effort to be where I am but talking to a lot of people and having fun with them is my current goal. 🙂

Normal day

My normal day looked like this

  • Wake up at 11 am
  • Train for 30 min, shower, eat and start the first job at 13 pm
  • Work till 18pm eat and
  • Start of my next job was at 19 till 22
  • From 22 till 2-4 party hard which means dance like a maniac

My workout plan

If I wanted to have a lot of energy for all this, I had to make some adjustments to my workout plan.

My focus this summer was to not lose any progress with the Front lever, Back lever, Planche and Human flag.

Actually this summer I actually gained 5 kg which makes total sense, I will come back in a minute to that.

After reading the book by Steven Low my program was combined of pushing and pulling exercises, but this summer I did my normal split which was every other day I did either pushing or pulling workout.

My workout consisted of 5 min warm up and at least 3 exercises(12 sets in total).

Front Lever

All I did this summer were Front lever holds(full) and Front lever rows(advance tuck).

At almost every workout I was not able to hold Full FL for more then a second but when I did spontaneous FL I did holds for 5 seconds.

Here are some front lever progression exercises.

Overall progress of the move: No progress

Back Lever

Back lever on the sea side

This summer I did a lot of advance tuck back lever just to condition my shoulders to that move.

I decided to do that because in the beginning of the summer I had some sort of an accident while holding straddle back lever my right arm became numb for 2 hours or so.

Overall progress: I did 25+seconds holds which was great progress


Most of the times I trained after the first job from which my lower back was really exhausted. Recently I realized that my hip flexors were too tight from all this sitting in my teenage years(thank you school and video games!).

Because of my lower back I focused mainly on the tucked planche push ups.

Overall progress: in the beginning 3 negative at the end 5 concentric reps + 4 negative reps.

Human Flag

I did that rarely but I did mainly negatives from the top and at the end of the summer I started doing small holds.

Overall progress:hold on the strong side from 0 seconds to 2 seconds.

The workout routine

Pushing day

  • Tuck planche push ups
  • V sit/impossible dip negatives
  • Dips and/or triceps extension

Pulling day

  • Front lever hold
  • Advance tuck Back Lever
  • Front Lever rows and/or pull ups/Human flag

My diet

My plan before the summer started was to practice intermitted fasting. I was eating in 8 hours window and fast for the rest.

The first month and a half it didn’t happened the way I planned but later I got used to it.

I ate from 13 till 21 pm. I had access to few all you can eat buffets which explains why I gained 5 kg.

I ate a lot of things that I don’t eat normally(Ice cream, duner kebap, sweats etc.). At least once I ate one of this things.

Because of all the talking, my throat was sore most of the times and I ate a lot of honey, at least one small spoon when I go to sleep and when I wake up.


I did great overall, I learned a lot about fasting from experience, but still I have a lot more to learn and experience from it.

I learned that I can bulk when I was trying to maintain my muscles 😀

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