Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia by Ben Musholt Book Review

Mad skills by Ben Musholt

Like in all of my reviews I try to be as objective as possible, and this review is no different then the rest of my reviews.

Before making a product review on my website, I always check other people’s reviews of the product and also check the reviews from buyers in Amazon(or wherever I get commission from).

For me it wasn’t very productive to read the other reviews(everyone makes it look so fabulous), and that’s why I invest more time in the buyers reviews.

My main focus to do that is to find few buyers who give out objective reviews.

Some info about the book and the author

This is the largest illustrated exercise encyclopedia and contains more then 700 unique exercises.

700 unique exercises???

Yes, that is correct. But when the author includes different categories such as: barbell lifts, kettlebell skills, gymnastics conditioning, whole body movements, yoga postures, stretching, partner skills, and more… it is not so hard thing to achieve.

It’s made of simple position A and position B illustrations and also with some text that will guide you through the movement process.

Mad skills is helpful for teaching/reminding you about some exercise, but it is not a book that will teach you how to do your own programs, how many times to work out, what to eat and what not…

It is just a book with more then 700 illustrated exercises.

The author Ben Musholt is physical therapist from the US. You might have heard of him from American Ninja Warrior 2012.

He is also a co-founder of Beyond the clinic private practice with 2 other colleagues.

He is legit, I checked him out, if you want, check his website’s about page.

Mad skills Exercise Encyclopedia: Content

For the one thing you came here.

From the beginning of the book Ben instructs the reader very clearly that this is not a workout book. Or a book that will help you with your workout program or how to workout properly.

The book is filled with all kinds of exercises that will help you put some adversity to your workout.

In case you are at a stage of your training where you got used to the same moves(which is a bit difficult for me to imagine) then this book will definitely be worth your money.

But if you are just starting out with working out, you should start with books like Steven Low – Overcoming Gravity. Which will explain you the basics(and beyond) of training. Doesn’t matter if you are a weight lifter or Bar brother(haha), you will still learn a lot.

Let’s keep it real, the book is made really simple, no fluff(except the 47 types of push ups) straight to the point.

He goes from warming up moves, stretching positions, yoga moves, weight lifting exercises(kettlebell or weights) and even partner skills.

Mad skills got it all, for real.

It’s perfect for coaches, athletes and trainers

What I mean by that is that it is pretty good for coaches/trainers, because they might add some different exercises/moves to the workout of their clients.

And if you are an athlete this is a worthy book for your book shelf of fitness books, just to have a book with simply explained wide range of exercises.

Warning Movement Freaks!!!

This book is written especially for you, inside you will find a lot of free weight moves that will inspire you to develop your own moves.

The Reviews From the Buyers

After reading most of the reviews(that are worth reading of course) I get a lot of mixed feelings about the book.

Some people love it for no logical reason at all, or maybe I don’t see the logic in entertaining your kids by doing some of the exercises in the book.

And there are critical reviews that have some truth in them.

The exercises are not scientifically backed up

True. There is only short description how to perform the move and an illustration. Which means that in the book are listed exercises that may be harmful for some athletes.

Before doing any of the exercises, do your own research for free in the internet.

The illustrations are bad.

Yes those are some ugly motherfuckers. But are decent enough to get a sense of what to do.

No info about the specific muscle group

True. As I said before right next to the illustration there is only a small description of the proper movement, but nothing else in particular.

Such as if that move may be harmful for some joints, if you need to know which muscle group you are working with that move, you have to find the old fashion way or through research.


Is the book still worth to buy? Well it depends for why you want to buy it.

If you want to learn some new/fancy moves to add to your workout, then yes it is worth it.

IF you are newbie, it will be almost worthless for you because it will not teach you how to train or how to design your own workout.

Mad Skills is written for people who know how the body moves(coaches/trainers and maybe some athletes), because the book doesn’t say anything about the exercises.

But at the end you take the decision whether to buy it or not.

Where to buy?

The book is available for 39.95$ on Amazon, just click the big black Amazon button to order.


Don’t forget to share your reviews after you read it!

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