Lower Back Calisthenics Exercises

In this article, I will discuss the various types of strength gaining only with lower back calisthenics exercises. I’ve listed exercises for beginners and also exercises for intermediate athletes.

Exercises in this article:

  • Reverse Leg Raise
  • Superman/Hyper Extension
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlift
  • Headstand leg raise

You CAN build up strength in your lower  back muscles with body-weight exercises

It is not what everybody says, that you need to do weighted exercises like the deadlift to build up strength in your lower back. You can do it by using only your body-weight, if you can do all of the exercises above, then you should train with weights. But if you can not, stop with the excuses and start training.

Reverse Leg Raise


You can do this exercise on the ground or on the chair or bench to increase the range of motion on your legs. By performing it on the bench, you focus more on your Glutes. If you are very new to strength training the Reverse leg raise on a bench would be difficult for you. Start small, we all have been there.

Here is how to perform:

Performing the exercise is simple, lay on the ground, face down, put your arms on the ground, and start raising only your legs as high as possible(don’t overdo it! Safety first), and lower your legs to the ground.

Superman/Hyper Extension


The Hyperextension is similar to the reverse leg raise, but it is more difficult because you have to raise your upper body too, if it is too hard, learn this exercise separately first, than advance to performing it at the same time. What I mean by that is first learn the Reverse leg raise exercise and after that learn the torso raise off the ground.

Here is how to perform:

It is very similar to the reverse leg raise, but when you do this exercise, raise your torso up and simultaneously raise your legs too, and lower to the ground. You can put a yoga mat(or something similar) under you to make it more comfortable.

Single-leg Romanian deadlift


This exercise is great for you because it will help you learn to balance on one leg, which will help you a lot on your single leg squat(Pistol Squats). Simply said the purpose of this exercise is to become parallel to the ground while you are standing on one leg, you can balance yourself with the other leg behind you.

Here is how to perform:

  • Stand on one leg, keep your other leg behind you.
  • Keep your back straight through the entire exercise, and slightly bend your knee.
  • Start lowering your torso towards the ground, keep your arms in front of you if you fall on the ground.
  • Raise you torso up, again keep your back straight.

By keeping your back straight, you decrease the chance of injury and increase your strength gains too.

Headstand leg raise


In my opinion, this is the hardest exercise on the list. If you are new to strength training or you have little experience in it, I advise you to learn the other exercises first and when you feel confident performing them, try it.

Here is how to perform:

  • Stay close to a door or wall, so you can lay your back on it if you fall back
  • Put your hands on the ground after that put the top of your head on the ground, and lift your body up to the wall.
  • Start lowering only your legs. You should lower as low as you can, but at some point you will fall on the ground, so try to learn when to start raising your legs up.
  • Raise your legs up.

If you think that I have to add another exercise to the list, please contact me.

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DISCLAIMER! I am nor a doctor nor a trainer, first of all, read my disclaimer page!

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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