Lost all my progress and I’m Going at it again

I’m 70 kilos…

It’s not only sad that I lost 7 kilos of muscle mass and what not but I lost most of my strength as well.

I lost most of it in the past two months.

In the beginning of January I had some issues with my tonsils and I stopped training for a month. And at that time I did one week detox, eating only raw vegetables and fruits. For 5 days my total calorie intake was no more then 1000.

And the body had to feed itself somehow. It ate all my strength…

And at few days ago I got my tonsils cut off(which was for good). And now I can’t train for 10 days(4 more left).

Before the operation

Before that I did 3 weeks of workouts, almost every day.

And it was so bad.

The first time I trained was right after the detox period. I did a short push up session.

And wow, I did not had strength to do more then 15 push ups.

During the workout this did not scare me, I was already in state of working out and at that point I could do 3 push ups and be happy as fuck.

But the next day I had the worst muscle fever in my life. I had never experienced something like that. I couldn’t raise my arm. And if I had to change my clothes(at least 3 times a day) it was so painful.

And I know that this sounds like I’m a big pussy, but don’t get me wrong I had a lot of muscle fevers in my life and it this was nothing like before.

The next workout I did 25 push ups my first set and it declined to 15, 9 to the next sets.

I couldn’t figure why I had so much pain in my shoulders while I had normal levels of pain when I did the pulling and leg days.

Reps before starting to work out again

Now – Before

Push ups 15

One leg front lever – 7 seconds (before I could do 7 seconds full FL)

7 pull ups – 17

6 pistol squats – 16 – each leg

7 leg raises – 16

7 body weight deadlifts – 12(that was interesting to notice)

After 3 weeks of training

I’ve reached the 30 push up mark and I started doing more difficult variations.

10 pull ups

17 pistols squats(this due to doing almost 2 leg workouts a week).

11 leg raises

10 body weight deadlifts

10 seconds of one leg front lever.

Through that time I training mostly at home and I don’t have a pull up bar at my apartment and I couldn’t go workout outside because that could give me a cold and that could stop me from the tonsils operations, bla bla.

So I did a lot of pushing exercises(upper body and lower body).

I haven’t trained for few 7 days now, in theory I shouldn’t have lost a lot of strength for this period. But like I love to say “There is only one way to confirm that.”

The Plan

My workout routine will be 4 workouts per week(2 upper body and 2 lower body).

Before I was focusing mostly on building strength and for that I took almost 2 minutes rests between sets so I can recover better for the next set.

Which gave me good results in terms of strength and muscle mass.

Now I will test how my body will react to more intense workouts.

My rest time will be between 45-60 secs. And I will focus to go beyond my (mental) limits more then I did before.

Mind body connection

I’ve been listing a lot about this from people such as Kai Green, CT Fletcher, Arnold about including the mind in the training.

I will stop counting the reps that I did and focus more on how my muscles are growing/expanding.

I will do a new article on that soon.

What is the purpose of this

I’m starting a journal on my webpage about the challenges that I overtake and pretty much everything I do in terms of body weight training.

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