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Lebert equalizers paralletts Gymnastic Bars Pull Up Station Push Ups Bars Dip Machine

The Lebert equalizers(a.k.a. paralletts) are a perfect add to your home gym. It’s easy to store, it does not take a lot of space. And it does not have a lot of upkeep. All you have to do is use them as much as you can.

The Lebert equalizers are made by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt, Marc Lebert and since then it is used by athletes of all levels and ages.

When is appropriate to use them?

I have a pair of paralletts and a pull up bar at my place, I use them mostly when the weather is bad outside which stops me from going to the park(The best bars on the market).

The material is very durable and you can bring them to the park if you want.

Basic specifications:

  • Height – 28/31 inches – I’m able to perform a front lever and I’m 189 cm
  • Width – 25 inches
  • Weight capacity – 400 pounds

The possible exercises with these are a lot, but most of them are:

  • Front lever [progressions], back lever, body-weight rows
  • Dips, incline push ups, triceps extension
  • Planche, maltese planche(props if you can do it), handstand, handstand press, L-sit, V-sit
  • Some plyometrics, you can see what Frank did with his Lebert equalizers below

When you buy the paralletts you will receive a workout DVD that will teach you most of the exercises that you can perform on it.

What if my room is carpeted, would I fall off the Lebert equalizers?

The rubber on the end of the feet of the paralletts will try to keep you safe as much as possible, as long as you are distributing your body-weight evenly on the bars by holding the black rubber grips on the top you should be fine.

But I don’s suggest you to do a handstand on them while you are on carpet floor.

What tools do I need?

None! You will not need any tools to assemble it, it comes with everything that you need.

Lebert equalizers paralletts Gymnastic Bars Pull Up Station Push Ups Bars Dip Machine


Most beginners will use them for dips, but after some time you should start experimenting with all the exercises I’ve listed above. But this product is made to last, it is very durable and it will be with you through this transformation.


Price: $126.99 $98.50

Be careful when you perform moves that expose your head to the ground, like the planche, handstand and back lever. Take care for yourself, no body will do it for you, and that doesn’t mean to be careless with the other exercises, watch yourself(Check out my disclosure page)!

What is your favorite home gym equipment?

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