How to Use Your Mind During Workout

Before starting with the main topic “How to use your mind during workout”…


What does it even mean to use your mind during workout

Have you had a time when you went to the gym and…

The bird were singing, the sun was shining…

In the mean time you were enjoying every rep of your workout.


Some guy comes and starts lifting with similar weights like you but just a little bit more than you.

If you are like me, you probably started thinking:
“Look at this guy, you are not stronger than me!”(Plus one or two words that describe his sexual orientation).

This is the moment when you forgot all the fucking birds singing.

And your only focus was to prove to yourself(!) that you are stronger and better then him.

That’s how your mind uses you to prove to yourself that you are stronger.

Your mind will get all of your concentration, all of your energy just to fulfill your current desire.

That’s what it really means to let your mind your for you.

How to use your mind during workout?

What follows may seem strange or esoteric but this stuff WORKS.

Self talk (“Yeah buddy, lightweight!!!”)

Now if you think that Ronny Coleman does this to entertain himself or the viewers.

This only means that you have never tried what I’m about to share with you.

And just an FYI you don’t have to yell out loud, doing it mentally works wonders too.

My Personal Best with Pistol Squats

My personal best with pistol squats was 16 reps each leg.

And on my previous leg day, I did my warm up properly.

Started my first set just to wake up the muscles, 10 squats each leg.

And on my second set at the 10th set I felt this weird feeling in me that I will probably do two reps more.

And right before I started the 11th rep I heard this voice in me that said “Are there only two reps left in you?”

And I kept focusing my attention on this curiosity which asked me can you do more than two reps that you already know that you can.

I started squatting…

And on each rep I kept telling myself “Come on one more”.

On the next step I told myself “Come on, one more rep! You got this!”

After every rep I repeated this to myself.

My new personal best is 25 reps each leg

I stopped at the 25th rep because I started feeling dizzy.

Before I always stopped doing more reps when I started to breath heavily.

This time I listened to myself and I got over the mental barrier which convinced me that I can not do more then 16 reps.

Power talk

You can do this by telling yourself how light the weight feels in your hands.

How you are going to bend the bar when you grab it.

How you are going to destroy the squat rack.

How you are gonna destroy the pull up bar or the gymnastic rings.

It is up to you, use your imagination to make yourself whatever you like yourself to be.

If you like it, you body will react in a positive way.

I love “The Hulk” so making myself angry at the pull up bar or the dip bar makes me stronger.

I love this, it works for me.

If I’m really angry(ready) I’ll even do a clap with my hands right before the set. Like a small ritual that pumps me up.


When working out your entire focus is on this process only.

And nothing else.

No talking during training.

No planning what groceries you need to buy.

Now it’s time only for thins and nothing else.

When you walking to the gym fantasize what an awesome workout you will have in few minutes.

Bring that desire and passion that will make you anticipate it even more. That will bring that hunger inside you.

When warming up think how you can’t wait to grab the fucking bar.

You can even look at the bar occasionally and tell the bar mentally “I’m coming!!”

Your focus have to be entirely on you doing just a little bit more then your last workout.

Always keep your focus on your progress.

Make sure you do a little bit more than the last workout.

Just a little bit. Just one step more that will bring you closer to your goal.

Whether that’s one more rep, an extra set, or lifting a little bit more or holding the front lever for one second more.

The improvement has to be in your workout, whether insignificant improvement or big leaps of improvements, embrace and focus on both equally.


There is something magical in Visualizing that I can not explain. But it fucking works.

The story of the B-ball players

There was a study in which it was tested if visualization had any effect over the players’ free throw success rate.

They formed 3 groups: the first group trains in the gym, the second group trains mentally, the third did nothing

The results after a month were:

  • 1st Group(real life training): 25% improvement
  • 2nd Group(mental training): 24% improvement
  • 3rd Group:0% improvement

The Nervous system don’t know shit

It turns out that the nervous system does not make a difference between a visualization and real life experience.

The nervous system reacts the same way to external stimulation, just as internal stimulation.

To add this to your workout

Right before every set visualize yourself performing the reps that you planned to do beforehand plus one or two more.

In the beginning when you start doing this it may be hard to keep your attention entirely on the workout, because there are so many distractions around me.

There could be some guy in the gym who doesn’t stop talking.

Or there maybe some girl who doesn’t stop walking.

This is normal, just try to always get your focus back to your workout.

Attention! Calculated Risks only!

Of course this is not some magical technique that will increase the strength of your character with 2 points.

Always be realistic while training especially with heavy weights.

Be realistic with what you can do and don’t overestimate yourself.


Please share what is your ritual before you start the set?

What motivates you during workout?

 P.S. 2

You think all this is awesome, you should check out my review of Dinosaur Training. The author is a bit hateful towards all the people who are sitting behind desks and talking about muscle theories but he has a lot to say on how to use your mind during the workout.

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