How to do more pull ups?

how to do more pull ups What I’m going to show you in this article is how to bust out of a plateau. If you did the same reps for more than 5 workouts in a row, you are probably in a plateau. What is a plateau?

The plateau effect is a force of nature that lessens the effectiveness of once effective measures over time. The plateau effect is a state that is experienced when the human body fails to respond to exercise that has proven effective in the past, similar to the concept of diminishing returns. A person enters into a period where there is no improvement or decrease in performance.


That means that you are doing the same thing over and over again and you expect to have the same results as in the beginning. And that problem is really closely connected to your diet, rest and workout. Let’s look at the next examples:

  • If you are eating all kinds of processed foods(junk foods, chips and all of those BS) and drink all kinds of drinks filled with sugar, your recovery process will become slower and slower. Until it starts working against you, which means decreasing strength and muscle mass. And no matter how hard you train and how many sets and how many times a week, it will just get worst.
  • If you train every day or two/three times a day, you don’t give your body the needed time to recover. Your muscles grow during recovery, they don’t grow during the workout.
  • And last, you can undertrain or overtrain. What I mean is if you are still doing your beginner workout routine for a year now, you should consider searching for a new program that suits your goals. And if you perform more than 30+ sets per workout 7 days straight, your muscles are getting overtrained. And there is nothing wrong from time to time to work your ass off with something similar, but give your body time to recover afterwards.

The simple solution

is to try something different. Something different may be:

  • clean organic food – which will help your body to recover properly and will boost your immune system.
  • Insert a rest day(or two) into your workout routine – try with two rest days a week, if your results are getting better, stick with it. Also remember to sleep for 8 hours or 7, some people respond well to 7, and other feel good after 8 hours of sleep, again try and if you feel better to stick with it.
  • If you are with the same program for a year now, you are undertraining(doing less than you should), change your goals or your strategy if you haven’t achieved your goals. If you feel like shit the day after your workout you probably overtraining(except when you are new to strength training).
  • Grab a plate between your legs

But I do all of those, what now?

This is also possible, your body adapts very quickly. And our goal is to surprise it with new workouts, moves, sets and reps. Let’s take for an example your legs workout routine, to make your body guess you have to do something like this:

  • First month, mainly focusing on pistol squats.
  • Second month, mainly focus on Glute-ham raise and Deadman Quads raise.
  • Third-month plyos.
  • It is all up to you and what you would like to do.

It really is up to you, there are people who don’t have a workout routine and they just decide what exercise to do at the day, but they are experienced athletes and they know how to build a balanced workout every day. And if you don’t have the knowledge and experience you should stick with a routine.

The one thing that helped me do more pull ups

Increase the negative part

The one thing that helped me was increasing the negative part(eccentric part) with few seconds, what I mean is: I pull up for a second and lower my body for 3-4 seconds and repeat as much as I can. I did 10 sets of different types of pull ups with this type of training.

Put a plate between your legs

If you are already doing 10+ reps, you can add some weight to the exercise for extra resistance. Find the dip belt in your gym, place the plate and hang the belt on your waist and start pumping until you can do no more. If you are working out at the park, you can buy the needed accessories here.

Try different variations of pull ups

By doing different pull ups you are adding diversity to your routine. Do all kinds of pull ups(normal, close and wide grip), chin ups(again normal, close and wide grip).
You can try some one handed pull ups – which is not what you are imagining. This is one of the easy variants. Place both of your hands on the bar and pull your chest towards one of your hands and after alter to the other hand.
The other one handed chin up is grabbing the bar with one hand and grab the wrist with the other hand. The first few times it might be weird but you will learn to balance it.

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How many pull-ups can you do in a minute?

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  1. Cathy July 27, 2015 at 5:05 pm - Reply

    Hi! Would this info be useful to someone who has not exercised in years? Where does someone start when they, for one reason or another, stopped exercising?

    It’s really hard to get motivated, but even harder to find some good advice on what to do when you haven’t really moved in a couple of decades. I have clients who fit this bill and tell them to focus on building their body nutritionally first (which I think is necessary so the body can be strong enough to handle the stress of an exercise routine). But, after this, what to suggest to them?

    I’m not a personal trainer but do want to help my clients take the right steps in the right direction.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    • Lyubomir July 30, 2015 at 5:11 pm - Reply

      Hello Cathy,
      For a person who has not trained for decades, I suggest to get out of there home and walk for 30 minutes in the park or on the beach(My grand grandmother died at the age of 90 and she used to walk everyday for 2 hours). In my opinion and observation not everybody enjoys strength training. My girlfriend is the perfect example, I tried to convince her to train but it is just not happening, but she loves to dance. When she visits a club she can dance for hours, and when I saw that, I realized she doesn’t need to train.
      Just find something that you love(basketball, boxing, dancing, long walks, etc).
      Here is a simple body-weight program I made for beginners.

      Thank you and I wish you all the best!

  2. Antonio January 5, 2016 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    Great article. The best method for increasing a pull up number in my experience is adding some additional weight while doing regular pull ups.

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