Great exercises for your basketball program

It is a good choice to gain strength by training only with your bodyweight, for some people weight lifting is better, but let’s say you don’t have the luxury to train in a gym, and of course all you have is your body-weight, but that is enough for the strength needed to start dunking.

In this article I will talk about the exercises which I perform every 3 days and how to perform them, and a little something about dunking the basketball, because it is not just training, you also need to learn yourself how to dunk, and that takes time. Yes it is easy when you have the explosive strength to reach the rim with your wrist, but lets say you can reach the rim with the beginning of your palm. And you can actually dunk the ball from this height, what you have to do is to jump without the ball and grab it when you are in the air and dunk it with your fingers(this is a dunk).

The exercises that I am about to describe below will help you to build the strength and also to gain weight especially in your lower body. You can add all of those exercises in your basketball program. If your basketball program is all about making shots(increasing your shooting percentage), than do this exercises in a separate day, so your legs can rest, until your next workout.

Before every leg workout, warm up! The warm up is very important for every workout, not just for your leg workout. But if you injure yourself during a leg workout, this will be very frustrating, because you use your legs all day.


Lunges are a great exercises for your Glutes, Quads and Hams. All you need is your body and enough space for you to make 2 steps forward maximum. If you like to take off to the basket with one leg this exercise is for you. Because when you take off from one leg you activate mostly your hams and quads.

How to perform correctly:
– Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart. When you are still learning the exercise you should do lunges in front of a mirror, and correct yourself if you are doing it wrong.
– Make one step forward with your right leg(the weaker leg).
– Lower your body, with your back straight.
– Bend both of your knees and try to make 90 degree angle at your knees.
– Push off with your right leg, exhale and repeat.

And remember when you step forward your knee have to be behind your toes and also, make sure your front knee does not pass your front toes, and simultaneously aim for that 90 degree angle at your rear leg.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a very similar exercise to normal split squat. It is similar, because it uses the same muscles, joints and movement, but puts more emphasis on your quads. The primary muscles that you will use while performing this exercise are Quads, Glutes and Hams. And of course in the beginning this bulgarian split squat demands a lot of balance and your hams will help you a lot with that.

How to perform correctly:
– start by putting your front foot on the ground and your rear foot on the bench.
– lower your body, until your rear knee touches the ground(keep your chest up and make sure to keep your knee behind your toes).
– return to starting position by pushing of the ground with the front foot. In the beginning you can help yourself with your rear foot.
– switch your feet at the end.

Pistol Squat

Pistol squat is a great exercise to build leg strength, improve your balance and also it is great to on only one leg(not like the normal squat). With this exercise you can train on your weak leg more. Which is great for both take offs(two leg and one leg take off) to the basket. The main muscles working are Glutes, Quads and Hams. The balancing muscles are your core and calves.

How to perform correctly:
– Stand with feet shoulder width apart with your arms extended in front of you to help you balance.
– Start lowering your body by lifting and extending your right leg forward.
– When you descend all the way to the ground push off from the ground with your left leg and help balancing yourself with your arms.

If I missed something, I don’t mind the constructive criticism and also here is my other article mainly focused on exercises which will increase your vertical leap. Check it out.

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