Full Front Lever Pull – Achieved

full front lever pull

Front Lever Pull finally achieved!

I can sleep better now.

Not for long though, now I’m working on doing it a bit slower.

It took me 3 months since I lost most of my strength and balance in everything.

I really like this move because it is an actual move.

And I guess I have a bit of hipster in me, because I think that the Front Lever is too mainstream, haha.

Both of the exercises are beautiful, I just prefer putting my physical efforts in the FL pull.

What progression exercises did I use?

Advanced tucked Front Lever hold

advanced tuck front lever - progression exercises

At first when I was slowly regaining back my strength, I was working mostly on the holds.

I started with doing advanced tucked Front Lever, I was holding it for 5-8 seconds.

And when I was doing it, I noticed that I didn’t had enough strength to hold my shoulders back while holding advanced tucked position.

So I always ended my workouts with active hangs and scapular pull ups.

This also helped me develop better grip strength because I lost a lot of it as well.

One Leg Front Lever Hold

one legged front lever progression exercises

I kept doing holds to strengthen the muscles that pull the shoulder back while holding the front lever.

Straddle Front Lever hold

Straddle front lever progression exercises

This was one of the holds that was kinda difficult for me even before when I had the strength to hold the full front lever, because I couldn’t hold a straight body while in a straddle position.

And this was the only reason to keep on with it.

Once I could hold a straight line with my body while in straddle position I proceeded with…

One Leg Front Lever pull

As this was very new move for my body, the first time I tried it, I was able to do only one rep(concentric rep).

But after that rep I would do a leg raise and after that do a pull up bar deadlift and do some extra one leg negative pulls.

I describe this move in my Front Lever progression exercises, I didn’t find any name so I had to call it somehow.


I hate it when people name shit like that, and I had to do it as well because it would be stupid to describe it with a full sentence every time I mention it in my blog.

“The one move where you do a leg raise and after that you bring your genitals to the pull up bar.” 

Front Lever Straddle Pull

This is where it started to get interesting.

At this point I was thinking like “shit, I’m close”.

Same strategy here.

At the beginning, as normal I could do only two reps but I would do few extra full front lever negative pulls.

At every set I would go till failure, no matter at what stage of my progress I was.

Front Lever full negative pulls

And there were a lot of times when I would do only front lever full negative pulls.

To strengthen the muscle memory of how my body should be while performing the actual pulls.

Those negative pulls helped me the most in my progress.

While doing the negatives, I focused on holding my arms straight and holding a straight line with my body.

My focus while doing the negatives was to increase the reps and also to perform them in a very controlled manner.

The actual achievement

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This was the second time I do it this week.

I was not able to capture it the first time(on 8th of June) because I didn’t expected it.

I was just curious to see if I could do it.

The interesting thing is that today(12th of June) I did 4 reps(3 full and 1 that was kinda ugly but still counts).

Which kinda caught me off guard because I was expecting to do 2 reps.

Right before the set I visualized myself doing few reps and right before grabbing the bar I did my usual self talk.

That really fired me up.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about please check out my article on how to use your mind during workout!

Doing this today really got me thinking about writing down my goals.

Something like a bucketlist but for calisthenics.

Just have to think about for awhile what I want to experience.


My next goal is to see how many reps I could do the most – the first goal is 13.

What are your goals with the Front Lever? Share with me in the comment section below!

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