How to Form the Habit of Working Out Regularly?

motivation is what gets you started habit is what keeps you going

The New Years Resolution

There are a lot of people who say or plan “This year I’ll start working out”.

“The plans for last year and the year before do not matter at all, I feel that this is the year that I will finally do it!”

Most of those plans fail.

And let’s not forget the people who actually successfully with their New Years Resolution

Applause for the people who actually stick with their plans.

Congratulations to those boys and girls!

But let’s talk about those people who go to the gym on 1st of January(or the first Monday of the New Year due to procrastination).

You’ve probably seen this phenomenon.

On 1st of January the gym is packed.

People are waiting in line for the bench press and what not.

Everyone is happy, birds are flying and singing.

But after few weeks, maybe two or three.

The gym gets a bit emptier and all the regular people who go the gym religiously can be seen now.

What happened with all those people who started on 1st of January?

They just failed to form the habit of working out religiously.

What is a habit?

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.


We are habitual creatures.

Most of our day to day behaviors are habits formed many years ago.

Just think about the first time when you tied your shoes.

And now think about what did you thought about from the moment of you grabbing your shoes until the moment of you admiring the perfect knot that you did.

You were not thinking about how to tie your shoes.

Because that is already automatic.

It was formed many years ago.

Which gives you the ability to worry about how late you are for work or for that hot date while tying your shoes.

Now let’s observe what are the thoughts of a youngster while learning to tie his shoes:

“Ok, so I grab the strings and form two bunny ears”


“God damn it, this old guy(le father) keeps looking at me while trying to tie my shoes”

“I got this shit bruh! No worries”

“Shit now what do I do with the bunny ears”

You get the point.

While forming the habit especially if you haven’t done it before(an old habit) we are thinking about if we are doing it right.

If someone is watching us while doing it, and many many other questions.

I first started weight lifting. And the first few weeks was just comparing my skinny body to the buff dudes in the mirrors of the gym.

I was 1,89 cm (6’2”) at 69 kilos(152lbs).

So the difference between me, a newbie, and the people who had years of experience was enormous.

This inner discussion went away after awhile though.

It was the reason I was in the gym that kept me going again and again.

You have to know your Why

I was playing basketball and I’m tall and all but I was not able to dunk it.

And I used to play with guys who are better than me and stronger than me.

I’m very competitive by nature.

And I really wanted to win, to dominate under the rim and eventually dunk the ball with two hands like Dwight Howard.

So this was the solution I came out with.

I would go to the gym 3 times a week.

And my program was first week: Mon & Fri – Upper body, Wed – leg day; second week: Mon & Fri – leg day, Wed – Upper body; Repeat again and again.

My why was straight on point all the time.

I was in the gym to become stronger, so I can jump higher.

Most of the people who fail don’t know why they are in the gym in the first place.

And some people are doing it for the wrong reasons.

In order to be successful in forming that habit you have to know the reason why you are doing this.

If you have a strong and compelling reason and you keep your focus only on that reason everything will take care of itself.

Of course this happens over time is not an overnight miracle.

Finding your why

I know a lot of people like to prove that they are right and that other people are wrong.

At that age I was the same.

And when I started the gym, my dad used to say “Don’t waste your time, I’m skinny, you are my son, you are skinny too. You can’t change that.”

I tried to argue with him with all the theories I read at the time.

But at one point I just stopped and let my weight gain show him that I was right.

(It’s funny now that I think about that we actually had the same reasons. He tried to convince me so he can be right and I stayed persistent with what I was doing so I can be right.)

Your why or your reason

  • Your why may be proving other people wrong.
  • Your why may be you becoming healthier.
  • Your why may be you becoming more attractive.
  • Your why may be you becoming stronger and leaner.
  • Your why may be you beating old you. Just you competing with yourself.
  • You may even use strength training as a stress relief or as a meditation.

It doesn’t matter what your why is.

What matters is that the same why or the same reason will push you when it gets a little bit rough.

The same reason will help you in those tough days when you just want to watch movies all day and do nothing.

If you can find a partner to push yourself together that will be beneficial for both of you.

Especially in those hard days.

Let’s say you are having a hard day. And your buddy is calling you to see when you are going to workout.

You are his partner you have to go, because he needs you as much as you need him.

You don’t want to let him down.

Plus in most cases he would love to see you coming to workout in a bad day.

Most people enjoy it when they help someone in a situation like that.

And here is the kicker, some day he may have a rough time too. This time it’s your turn to be his inspiration.

Forming a habit is hard

It is hard forming a habit, I’m not going to lie to you.

But once you got over the 30 day mark.

It gets a bit easier and easier.

And when those bad days come and you don’t work out.

You will feel bad because working out is part of you now.

Find a good reason to work out and stick with it for the first 30 days no matter what.

If the day is actually that bad, you can always do 1-3 sets of push ups or crunches at home.

This also helps with forming the habit of working out.

But you should do it only once in awhile, don’t overdo it.

Don’t forget to track your progress by writing in a journal. Seeing the progress is something that really helps me stay motivated for the long run.

If you already started working out, what is your reason, what is your why? Please share with me in the comments below.

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