Dragon Flag Progression Exercises

Bruce Lee doing an epic dragon flag

First of all

One simply can not talk about Dragon flags without mentioning Bruce Lee. In gymnastics this exercise is called body lever, but everyone knows it as the Dragon flag(named after Bruce Lee).
Bruce loved doing body-weight exercises(obviously), I’m still working on my two finger push-ups, which he does in demonstrations.

You’ve probably seen Sylvester Stallone doing it in Rocky IV and I actually saw him doing it in 2011 when he was training for Headshot, never heard of the movie, but you can check out how he performs 3 full reps of this move.

The working muscles while performing Dragon flags

The working muscles every possible muscle in your torso. Developing your core strength will help you in almost every exercise. And probably will not increase your leg strength(hopefully), it will help you with your heavy squats, but who has time for leg work, please write your favorite leg exercise in your comments below.

Progression exercises

The progression exercises for the dragon flag are very similar to front lever. You should start working on this move when you are feeling comfortable with performing pull ups and leg raises.

If you are strong enough to do 10+ pull ups 10+ leg raises, you can learn the move only by lowering your legs from towards the ground as slowly as possible.
But for me personally I like doing the full motion of the Dragon flag, and that’s why I used to perform with my legs tucked beneath me, one leg straight or straddle.

Dragon flag progression exercises:

  • Tucked legs
  • Advanced tucked(legs beneath you)
  • One leg(the other’s tucked)
  • Straddle
  • Full(straight legs)

Here is how to perform Dragon flags

dragon flag

Warm up!

First learn to do it on a bench or at the bottom of the pull up bar. Make sure it is safe to perform the move on it, if you can not lift/move it, then you are good to go.
Keep your torso in a straight line while performing, you should always strive to keep your legs straight while you are lowering, but in the beginning it is fine to balance yourself by bending your legs.

Use some of the progressions to bring your legs up, chose the move that you are comfortable with but not the easy one, always go the hard way.

  • Grab the pole or bench
  • Raise your legs to the top(keep your torso straight)
  • Lower slowly, try to move slower when you are close to the ground.
  • Repeat!

dragon flag on the football gate

Where are you doing it, are doing it on your bed? Stay safe kids!

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