Doing Shoulder Dislocates to Opening up the Should Joints

I’ve always loved the handstand.

And before starting practicing my kick up, balancing etc.

I started researching how to do, how to learn it and best practices.

I noticed that there are two types of handstand:

  • Straight line handstand(mostly performed by the gymnastics)
  • Banana handstand(mostly performed by the street workout community)

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You can see perfectly what is the difference between the two.

Some people say that the straight line is safer for the spine. That’s why I started learning the banana HS.

Who needs a spine in the first place??

No joke, I started doing it and when I shot a video to see how it looks from the side.

I saw how my shoulders lack mobility and my lower back is compensating for this.

I don’t like not having something, especially if I know that if I put a little bit of effort I can have it.

And here Shoulder Dislocates come into play

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Shoulder dislocates(tell ’em Coach Sommer) is one of the tools in my belt that I don’t know very well.

I used to do this exercise few years ago, but I stopped.

Because it wasn’t as interesting as dips or pull ups.

I gave up early on that one. But life brought us back together.


This time I’m all serious about this one this time. I’m also using some mind exercises while doing it.

I’m warming up before the handstand.

I’m also doing some skin the cat holds to add a bit more to the stretch.

There are different sensations in my body while performing this exercise.

The few first time I did it, I felt a massive(that’s what she said) stretch in my pectoral muscles.

And the next day I felt some weird pops from the center of my rib cage.

Didn’t fell any pain so no point to worry…

What is the purpose of Shoulder Dislocates

u/dm0r from the sub-reddit bodyweightfitness explains it perfectly.

Everything you need to know about shoulder dislocates.

My current progress

shoulder dislocates band

From the last two weeks I was doing shoulder dislocates right before doing handstands.

I’m doing 3 sets of 5-8 kick ups and I stretch the shoulder joint before every set.

Recently I started doing one set of 10 reps of shoulder dislocates(with a band) during the day.

Just to remind my joints that is time for a change.

Even though with a band it is harder to track progress compared to doing this move with a stick.

I noticed that I’m having some significant progress.

But I try to be patient with it for understandable reasons.

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