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Dinosaur Training Honest Book Review

A little bit about the author

Brooks Kubik is a 38 old weight lifter(at the time of the book was written), Who has huge passion for weight lifting and not only about that, but he is very passionate about the proper way of working out(I’ll explain that later). He also has a series of Dinosaur training books.

For him weight training is nothing else but ART, excuse me not just weight training but productive weight training. I completely agree with him on that. *Bows down*

He was a drug free power lifter and he also used to compete in bench press competitions(drug free). And he probably still is drug free. He won three national bench press competitions and set numerous records in the field. One of the first few pages of the book you can see all of his cred. And he got plenty.

Brooks Kubik and his war against armchair theoreticians

If you are looking for a book that is filled with scientific evidence this is not one of them.

From this book you will find two things that the author is passionate about:

  1. Productive training(dinosaur training)
  2. Armchair theoreticians(you know those guys that always say “There was a study that you should not bend you arm more than 90 degrees when doing curls”. Those guys.)

He despise the guys who train with the machines that isolate the muscles, the guys who go to the gym for a social gathering, the people who dress to impress the buff dudes in the gym, the people who stagnate in their training routine for a long period of time, the people who don’t work hard(he loves the last one).

Mr. Kubik loves to rant about this, and I don’t blame or judge of course, in my opinion this helps the readers better understand the importance of a quality workout or dinosaur workout.

Work Hard!

The phrase that you will probably see on every page on this book, if the phrase is missing, he probably is talking about the people who don’t work hard.

Joke aside, this is the most important thing that you will get out of this book.

Working hard for him comes from everything you do related to weight lifting. It goes with the way you perform a single rep, how many reps, how many sets, measuring your progress, all the way to the mental attitude and visualizing yourself lifting the reps that you are just planning to lift.

It all boils down to this, if you want to achieve your weight lifting goals you have to work hard.

Me against the bar

Working hard can be everything:

  • Writing down every exercise and rep that you do, so you can compare it later in time.
  • Pushing yourself doing a little bit more on every set, not just one set of every workout but a bit more in every set(This is the most important one).
  • Doing the mental exercises that he talks about in the book(visualizing, positive self talk while lifting and being completely focused during workout, no distractions).
    Read my article about Using Your Mind During Workout!

And you don’t have to start doing all of these, start by writing down what you do, then start by putting a little more effort in your sets and so on.

The most important in my opinion is having a clear goal of what you want to achieve.

Working hard without a goal with all this effort will only last you for few days, having a clear set goal will help you in the long run.

They (Dinosaurs) work so hard that to work harder would be impossible!

IS Dinosaur training going to help you achieve your weight lifting goals?

This book has something to offer to beginners and advanced athletes. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey to excellence Brooks Kubik has something to add to your training regime.

He is someone who had wrote a lot of articles for numerous weight lifting magazines, the value that you will find in this book may completely change your view on weight training.

Every chapter starts and ends with a motivational quotes that you should take a second or two to think about. And if you do that only it will have a great impact on your life.

What you will learn from Dinosaur training book

You will learn how to work hard, which will help you develop your genetic potential. And this work ethic will help you find out what is your genetic potential. And if you don’t you will probably live with the idea that this is who you are and there is nothing you can do about it.

You will understand why doing the most simple/fundamental exercises will help you build massive muscles and functional strength. Functional is the keyword here, in the book you will see that he does not like the guys who have only puffed muscles and use them only to look them in the mirror.

You will learn to use your mind while working out, the one point that has a lot of benefits for me.



All the pros are listed above(what you will learn part).


If you are someone who loves to buy excessive weight lifting gear you will probably not gonna like this book. The author mentions that he only uses weight lifting belt and a set of those fat grips.

Should you buy it?

Definitely! This is a book that you should buy and read from time to time your favorite parts just to remind yourself what hard-working is and to keep your mind focused on it.

Most of it is nothing new, but it is fundamental for everyone who works out, and it does not matter if you are weight lifter, calisthenics junkie or you are flipping cars in your backyard, you will find a lot of value in this book.

You can order new or used copy from Amazon, get yours below!

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