Cold Shower Challenge – The Ultimate Therapy

What is a cold shower?

Taking a cold shower means going under the ice cold for a number of health benefits that I list below.

What are the benefits of doing the cold shower challenge?

  • Improve circulations
  • Relieves depression
  • Burns fat
  • Improves sleep
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy
  • Increases fertility
  • Improved emotional resilience
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Energy boost

There are a lot of researches done over the years on cold showers and those are just few of the benefits of this activity.

The energy boost comes instantly, right after your first cold shower. If you take it in the morning you may not need a coffee afterwards.

If you didn’t slept well taking the cold shower right after you get up will be the smartest decision you will do that day. You will see at first hand, how it will change your mood for the better.

However if you become moody during the day, take another cold shower, don’t worry this is the one cure that we don’t get used to.

I’m doing it for almost a year now and the first few seconds are always the worst, I guess(hope*) that it will get better overtime.

cold shower challenge therapy

I noticed some differences few months after I started doing, which is related to the benefit Improved circulation. 

I noticed that my erection got harder, which I mainly blame the baths for that. As Wim Hof mentions this activity helps exercise the small muscles which tighten the veins.

And that is what improves the circulation and probably the cause which helps deliver more blood to my best friend.

Cold shower after the workout

I love taking a cold shower right after my workout.

If I had some issue that happened during the workout I would focus the stream of icy water on that part of the body.

I saw that a lot competitive sports apply this practice. Most of them are even using cold baths with ice. A lot of famous athletes started using cryotherapy tank. The temperature for the cryotherapy is close -100 °C.

How to start doing the cold shower challenge?

Here’s what you need to conquer this challenge:

  1. Find a cold water supply
  2. Get under the shower
  3. Turn the cold water all the way
  4. And stay for a minute or as long as you want.

Do it when you need it. If you are not a morning person this is your opportunity to shine, to be the second source of sunlight in this universe.

Why 30 days?

The challenge is 30 days. It takes 30 days to install a habit in our brains and from that point it get’s ingrained and we become addicted to it.

After 30 days of constant and persistent actions our brains will relates to the cold shower as something that will help our survival.

Paul Chek & Elliott Hulse take on that + Joel Runyon’s TED talk about Cold Shower therapy

As you can see from what Paul says, your GF will thank you for taking a cold shower. And if your boyfriend haven’t heard of it yet, share one of the videos or the entire article. Just make sure he takes his cold pill everyday and always use protection!

Mr. Chek mentions that cold shower increases the fertility, which may be the cause of a new family member. Again use protection, if anything happens don’t blame me. 🙂

My experience with the cold showers

I started taking cold baths the summer of 2015.

Every bath I took was ice cold, especially during winter time.

Here(Bulgaria) we have all the seasons a earthling could have. In a normal year the lowest temperature could be -20°C and highest could be +42°C.

During the summer taking a cold shower is a necessity, but when it gets cold our brain will create even the most stupid excuses(“Oh common, you don’t smell that bad”).

Personal Record

My current personal record for staying for as long as I can under the ice cold water is 10 minutes(and some seconds). I did it during the winter time.

I will try again the next winter, because it started getting warmer in here and I can feel for myself that it gets easier for me to recover after the bath.

At the beginning I had to wear an extra cloth so my cold limbs could warm up. But recently after I started practicing the Wim Hof’s method I don’t need them anymore.

Some basic tips

It is easier to get under the shower before you turn the cold shower. Just go for it in a matter of seconds, because if you let your brain think for a second it will only get harder and scarier.

Go straight for the cold water!

To make it easier for you, breathing in and out fully, will help you tremendously. I got this little trick from Wim Hof’s method.

Stay under the cold water as long as you feel like it. Start with doing it for 1-2 minutes and when you feel confident conquer the 3 minute mark.

And I have to say this:
Warning: While breathing under the stream of water, do it with caution!

How long have you stayed under the cold shower?

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