Workout Report September 2017

Dealing with injury Right after I created this list of all the goals I've set out to achieve, I was so fired up to train. Until the idea of me hitchhiking to London, UK came in. I knew that this journey will take some time to achieve(20 days to be exact). While I was hitchhiking I didn't work out because right before doing so, I had some weird injury. I played some basketball, I played till I could not play any more and right after the games I was planning to [...]

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The Best Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners and a Simple Routine

In this post you will find information of the exercises you can do as a beginner and a simple routine that you can do for the first couple of months or as long as you want. And here are the exercises included in the routine: Dips Push ups Inverted rows Pull ups Lunges Squats Before I explain the exercises let me tell you a little something about the workout. The first thing you need to do before your workout is to warm up your body properly for any physical activity. I [...]

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The Best Muscle up Progression Exercises

So you went to the park, and you started doing pull ups and dips, and you saw some kid doing something like a combination of pull up and dip, this exercise is called Muscle up, and you thought to yourself, that this move looks cool and easy and you try it, but you can not bring yourself above the bar. And you try again few times probably(that is what I did), and you failed. And let me tell you something, it took me quite some time to do it, with both [...]

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Calisthenics Warm Up, How to DO it Right

  The warm up... The one part of your workout that most people hate. But we shouldn't... Warming up has a lot of benefits for the body. Here are few of the most Benefits of warming up Lowering the risk of injuries When you warm up you increase the blood circulation. Oxygen intake because of the increased breathing Improved coordination Decreased reaction time, because it is a known fact that nerve impulses move faster in warm muscles, than cold ones Release of lubrication to the joints Increase of body temperature If [...]

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Great exercises for your basketball program

It is a good choice to gain strength by training only with your bodyweight, for some people weight lifting is better, but let’s say you don’t have the luxury to train in a gym, and of course all you have is your body-weight, but that is enough for the strength needed to start dunking. In this article I will talk about the exercises which I perform every 3 days and how to perform them, and a little something about dunking the basketball, because it is not just training, you also need [...]

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