Lost all my progress and I’m Going at it again

I'm 70 kilos... It's not only sad that I lost 7 kilos of muscle mass and what not but I lost most of my strength as well. I lost most of it in the past two months. In the beginning of January I had some issues with my tonsils and I stopped training for a month. And at that time I did one week detox, eating only raw vegetables and fruits. For 5 days my total calorie intake was no more then 1000. And the body had to feed itself somehow. It [...]

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V-sit Progress

The first picture of the Training Feed! I will use this section of my website, to upload pictures(and soon YouTube videos) of my progress with all the exercises I'm mastering. V sit progression exercises I first learned the L-sit(here is you can learn how to do it) and from then on, I started doing L-sit crunches and basically¬†a lot of Pike stretches. Pike Stretch A photo posted by Lyubomir (@lyubo16) on Sep 4, 2015 at 10:02pm PDT   This stretch really helped me for gaining a lot of flexibility in my [...]

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