The Power of Positive Self-talk while Working-Out

How did I find out Positive Self Talk For over a year now I started becoming more aware of my thoughts and actions due to reading a lot of different books. Self help books, books on Buddhism, books on training, books about life in general. And I started examining my inner self-talk. I started examining what am I saying to myself in social situations, work situations, when I fail, when I win and so on. And when I see that I'm talking to myself in a very bad way such as [...]

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The Secret to Enjoying the Process

You finally decided to start training. And few weeks go by and you are already 3 weeks in your journey to become the best version of yourself. But you look at yourself on the third week and you are not the person that you thought you will be. You imagined that by the 3 week you will be ripped and strong AF(my US slang is getting better). What happened here? - you ask. Why am I not progressing faster? And on the next few training days you start your workout with [...]

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How to Form the Habit of Working Out Regularly?

The New Years Resolution There are a lot of people who say or plan "This year I'll start working out". "The plans for last year and the year before do not matter at all, I feel that this is the year that I will finally do it!" Most of those plans fail. And let's not forget the people who actually successfully with their New Years Resolution Applause for the people who actually stick with their plans. Congratulations to those boys and girls! But let's talk about those people who go to [...]

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