The Best Muscle up Progression Exercises

So you went to the park, and you started doing pull ups and dips, and you saw some kid doing something like a combination of pull up and dip, this exercise is called Muscle up, and you thought to yourself, that this move looks cool and easy and you try it, but you can not bring yourself above the bar. And you try again few times probably(that is what I did), and you failed. And let me tell you something, it took me quite some time to do it, with both [...]

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Calisthenics jumps, Plyometrics and Sprints

Calisthenics jumps and also know as Plyometrics are the perfect way to build explosive strength. What is plyometrics? Plyometric training was invented in the  Soviet Union back in 1970s by Yuri Verkhoshansky. Back than, It was know as "shock training". Interest in the shock training begun to increase when everybody saw the superior athletes from the eastern Europe. It was later named Plyometrics by coach Fred Wilt in 1975(field and track coach).Plyometrics comes from Latin, Plyo+metrics which means "measurable increases". Originally plyometrics consisted of only two exercises, the shock jumps and depth jumps. [...]

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