Intermediate Core Exercises

This article is all about exercises that will help you develop core strength. You can add this exercises at the end of your workout or make it as a separate small workout. So some of the exercises are for intermediate to advance trainees but if you can not perform them, I will tell you the progressions. Intermediate core exercises explained simply Most of these exercises require a pull up bar and if you feel lazy some times to go the park or the weather is really bad and you don't want [...]

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Calisthenics Upper Body Exercises

So some of the main upper body exercises are dips, push ups, chin ups/pull ups. All of those exercises are great for developing strength and also gain mass. The dips and push ups are for developing strength in your shoulders, triceps and pecs. With chin ups you develop mostly back muscles(lats) strength and also your biceps, while doing pull ups the main muscles working are the Lats. Here I will make a small guide how to do these exercises correct. Push up There are a lot of variations of push ups(and [...]

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Calisthenics jumps, Plyometrics and Sprints

Calisthenics jumps and also know as Plyometrics are the perfect way to build explosive strength. What is plyometrics? Plyometric training was invented in the  Soviet Union back in 1970s by Yuri Verkhoshansky. Back than, It was know as "shock training". Interest in the shock training begun to increase when everybody saw the superior athletes from the eastern Europe. It was later named Plyometrics by coach Fred Wilt in 1975(field and track coach).Plyometrics comes from Latin, Plyo+metrics which means "measurable increases". Originally plyometrics consisted of only two exercises, the shock jumps and depth jumps. [...]

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Great exercises for your basketball program

It is a good choice to gain strength by training only with your bodyweight, for some people weight lifting is better, but let’s say you don’t have the luxury to train in a gym, and of course all you have is your body-weight, but that is enough for the strength needed to start dunking. In this article I will talk about the exercises which I perform every 3 days and how to perform them, and a little something about dunking the basketball, because it is not just training, you also need [...]

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