Leg Raises – The Free Way to Getting Ripped Core Muscles

I've been browsing through the sport section in Amazon to see some sturdy good products... But I saw a lot of ab products that are just made to collect dust in the corner of the room. With a simple pull up barĀ and a bit of imagination you can get a ripped abs in no time. In 6 minutes actually. Just kidding, obviously. You have to put some effort into it. Enter... Leg raises The one exercise that you don't need money to perform. Well technically, you need something like a pull [...]

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Basic Calisthenics Training Program – Core Exercises

In this article I will describe some of the basic core exercises for building strength, to help you perform all the hard exercises you want to do. This is going to be a series of articles for all the new guys with no experience in strength training at all. I start with one of my favorite muscle group. If you are planing to train only with your body weight, than you should do a lot of core exercises, to build up the strength for all the future moves I will show [...]

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Intermediate Core Exercises

This article is all about exercises that will help you develop core strength. You can add this exercises at the end of your workout or make it as a separate small workout. So some of the exercises are for intermediate to advance trainees but if you can not perform them, I will tell you the progressions. Intermediate core exercises explained simply Most of these exercises require a pull up bar and if you feel lazy some times to go the park or the weather is really bad and you don't want [...]

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