Lower Back Calisthenics Exercises

In this article, I will discuss the various types of strength gaining only with lower back calisthenics exercises. I've listed exercises for beginners and also exercises for intermediate athletes. Exercises in this article: Reverse Leg Raise Superman/Hyper Extension Single-leg Romanian deadlift Headstand leg raise You CAN build up strength in your lower  back muscles with body-weight exercises It is not what everybody says, that you need to do weighted exercises like the deadlift to build up strength in your lower back. You can do it by using only your body-weight, if you can do [...]

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The Best Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners and a Simple Routine

In this post you will find information of the exercises you can do as a beginner and a simple routine that you can do for the first couple of months or as long as you want. And here are the exercises included in the routine: Dips Push ups Inverted rows Pull ups Lunges Squats Before I explain the exercises let me tell you a little something about the workout. The first thing you need to do before your workout is to warm up your body properly for any physical activity. I [...]

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Basic Calisthenics Training Program – Leg exercises

Finally Leg Day! Here are some of the basic leg exercises you can start with. In this article I will discuss the next leg exercises: Squat Lunge Wall sit Bulgarian squat/Bulgarian split squat If you've never done sports, strength training or any similar activity, than you should start with Squat, Lunge and Wall sit. And when you feel confident performing the lunge(without support), than you should advance to the Bulgarian split squat. Your ultimate goal is the Pistol Squat(simply said one leg squat). If you are trying to gain explosive strength, [...]

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The Best Muscle up Progression Exercises

So you went to the park, and you started doing pull ups and dips, and you saw some kid doing something like a combination of pull up and dip, this exercise is called Muscle up, and you thought to yourself, that this move looks cool and easy and you try it, but you can not bring yourself above the bar. And you try again few times probably(that is what I did), and you failed. And let me tell you something, it took me quite some time to do it, with both [...]

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Basic Calisthenics Training Program – Pushing exercises

In this post I will discuss the basic pushing exercises you can start with. And here are the exercises: Push ups Diamond push ups Bench dip and Dips L-sit Are you just starting out with strength training? OK, this article is just for you. I will explain some of the basic exercises, that you can start with right now. If you can not perform any of those, I got something for you too. […]

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Basic Calisthenics Training Program – Pulling exercises

This Article is for all the basic pulling exercises you can start with. The exercises that I will discuss are: Passive hang Body-weight Inverted Row Chin up Pull up Developing your muscles right is very important,so before you start your strength training journey, check your body posture before that. Your body posture will tell you, which joints you have to work on. If you have bad posture you are risking to slow your progress down. Work on your body first than on your muscles! And if you don't have a park with pull [...]

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Intermediate Core Exercises

This article is all about exercises that will help you develop core strength. You can add this exercises at the end of your workout or make it as a separate small workout. So some of the exercises are for intermediate to advance trainees but if you can not perform them, I will tell you the progressions. Intermediate core exercises explained simply Most of these exercises require a pull up bar and if you feel lazy some times to go the park or the weather is really bad and you don't want [...]

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Calisthenics at home, how is this possible?

Can you train at home? Well if you the weather outside is rainy/snowy and you don't want to train outside, few workout are ok, but not for the long term. Because there not so many back exercises, without a pull-up bar. But if you have a home made pull up bar or rings, you have a home gym right there. All you need is your bodyweight. If you don't want to make your own pull-up bar at home, I've made a list with some of the best home pool up bars: Best Doorway [...]

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Can You Do Calisthenics Everyday?

To answer this question as simple as possible, well it depends, from the person asking it. If you don't have a lot of training experience and your body doesn't know this type of stress you will overtrain. But if you do have training experience, you can try it and if you like the results and stick with it. If you don't have good results, change your routine, try something else, but don't quit. Overtraining There is a thin line between pushing your limits and overtraining. You should try to break the [...]

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Calisthenics Upper Body Exercises

So some of the main upper body exercises are dips, push ups, chin ups/pull ups. All of those exercises are great for developing strength and also gain mass. The dips and push ups are for developing strength in your shoulders, triceps and pecs. With chin ups you develop mostly back muscles(lats) strength and also your biceps, while doing pull ups the main muscles working are the Lats. Here I will make a small guide how to do these exercises correct. Push up There are a lot of variations of push ups(and [...]

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