Appreciating the Body That You Have

Back Story: The last three weeks I was kinda sick. My body was fatigued just from working(which never happens) and I had the cough. I was fatigue for few days but I still have some cough even right now. And here in my country, we have winter, so working out outside was not a great idea for me until I got over the cough. So the cough was almost gone and I haven't been training for two weeks. And on the first week I saw how I really missed it, but [...]

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Working Out During the Winter

I'm not one of the lucky people in the world who doesn't have winter in their region. So I have to deal with coldness, snow, ice, numb fingers, red nose and so on. In this article I will explain few of the changes that I make every winter when the coldness comes and I want to workout outside. Last year I was working out outside in a minus temperature wearing only a T-shirt. I was listening to music while training and at one point my phone stopped working, due to the [...]

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Inspiring Lessons From One of David Goggins’ Interviews

Who's David Goggins? David Goggins is the only member in the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, U.S. Army Ranger School and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. He was also a personal bodyguard for the Iraqi Prime-minister. After the Operation Red Wings, few of his friends died in a helicopter crash. Almost everyone in the operation died except Marcus Luttrel(2013 their is a movie called "Lone Survivor" based on the book Marcus wrote). He started competing in ultra marathons with the sole purpose of raising money for college tuition [...]

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One Arm Push Up – Progression Exercises

I can not start an article about one arm push ups without mentioning Rocky. Most of the people reading this probably have probably seen one arm push up from the Rocky movie(link to the training scene for all the Stalone fans). The one arm push up has a difficulty level of 8 out of 16 based on the difficulty chart by Steven Low in his book Overcoming Gravity. Keep in mind that based on his chart Full Planche on Rings is 14 out of 16. And yes there are humans("humans") who can do [...]

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Leg Raises – The Free Way to Getting Ripped Core Muscles

I've been browsing through the sport section in Amazon to see some sturdy good products... But I saw a lot of ab products that are just made to collect dust in the corner of the room. With a simple pull up bar and a bit of imagination you can get a ripped abs in no time. In 6 minutes actually. Just kidding, obviously. You have to put some effort into it. Enter... Leg raises The one exercise that you don't need money to perform. Well technically, you need something like a pull [...]

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Workout Report September 2017

Dealing with injury Right after I created this list of all the goals I've set out to achieve, I was so fired up to train. Until the idea of me hitchhiking to London, UK came in. I knew that this journey will take some time to achieve(20 days to be exact). While I was hitchhiking I didn't work out because right before doing so, I had some weird injury. I played some basketball, I played till I could not play any more and right after the games I was planning to [...]

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Full Front Lever Pull – Achieved

Front Lever Pull finally achieved! I can sleep better now. Not for long though, now I'm working on doing it a bit slower. It took me 3 months since I lost most of my strength and balance in everything. I really like this move because it is an actual move. And I guess I have a bit of hipster in me, because I think that the Front Lever is too mainstream, haha. Both of the exercises are beautiful, I just prefer putting my physical efforts in the FL pull. What progression [...]

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review – The Ab Buster

  Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro - The State of the Art Ab Roller I love using my ab roller when it's raining outside and I want to give my body a quick and intense workout. Especially on those lazy days. If you get addicted to this cool thingy you might spend the majority of your workouts at your place. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro compared to all the other boring ab rollers has a cool technology that makes your rolling out a bit harder and your rolling in a bit [...]

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The Power of Positive Self-talk while Working-Out

How did I find out Positive Self Talk For over a year now I started becoming more aware of my thoughts and actions due to reading a lot of different books. Self help books, books on Buddhism, books on training, books about life in general. And I started examining my inner self-talk. I started examining what am I saying to myself in social situations, work situations, when I fail, when I win and so on. And when I see that I'm talking to myself in a very bad way such as [...]

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The Secret to Enjoying the Process

You finally decided to start training. And few weeks go by and you are already 3 weeks in your journey to become the best version of yourself. But you look at yourself on the third week and you are not the person that you thought you will be. You imagined that by the 3 week you will be ripped and strong AF(my US slang is getting better). What happened here? - you ask. Why am I not progressing faster? And on the next few training days you start your workout with [...]

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