Cat Stretches

It’s called a cat stretch for obvious reasons.

Plus I’m not big on stretching so it will be pointless for me to fake my knowledge by pasting some info from some other sources and claim that I’ve wrote it.

For that reason here is a link to gymnasticbodies article on “Stretches to Counteract the Effects of Sitting“.

Now those guys have cred(we are talking about Coach Sommer here…)

So anyway…

I started doing this instead of shoulder dislocates in between sets of the handstands.

Because I felt that the dislocates kinda ware me down before each set.

I didn’t gave up on this exercises though, I’m still using it in the beginning of the warm up.

Plus few weeks ago I felt a slight discomfort in my  elbows so I had to change my workout routine in order to prevent further serious injuries.

The Cat Stretches

come in handy because it stretches the same muscles needed to do the straight body handstand.

cat stretch gymnastics

Sometimes I do a quick stretch when I accumulate too much hours in a sitting position.

Just to remind my body that I care for it.

And even after a quick stretch the feeling is quite refreshing, especially if I’ve been in a similar position for the past 4 hours.

I do this stretch as shown in the video and as I showed in the picture above.

But sometimes I like to do this stretch on my elbows, as shown below.

elbow cat stretches

This way I’m adding some diversity in my warm up routine.

Sometimes when I do this stretch I like to do a individual stretch for each arm.

That way I’m putting more stress into each part of the upper back and shoulder muscles.

(By part I mean left and right part)

Measuring results

I will measure increasing of mobility or lack there of by observing if my arms are able to go lower than before in a hollow body position.

I really can’t think of any other way that is more practical than that.

I will measure the progress once a week to see if my shoulder mobility is improving.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. If you are currently working on this, what exercises are you doing? If you’ve gone through a journey like this, I would love to hear few tips.

Enjoy your workouts!

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