Calisthenics with supplements


I can not say a lot about taking supplements when you train, because I don’t use supplements right now, I used them before when I was weight lifting. It was the environment that I was put in, everyone around me was taking supplements and you see great results from them and you think “yeah, why not”, I did a lot of research before buying them, I read a lot of articles about some supplements and the best stores I can buy these supplements. And I did. Through the time I was weight lifting I used Protein powders, glutamine powders, creatine powders and some BCCA pills. And here comes the best part, I AM NOT EVEN A PRO ATHLETE.

When I started bodyweight  training, I started watching my diet, what I am eating, and shouldn’t be eating. And I liked to know what I put in my body, because I cooked my food. It was very basic cooking, I was cooking mostly rice, because it is very cheap and when I made a lot of it, I don’t have too prepare another meal, the same day.

And every protein powder junkie that is reading this will probably say: “that is bullshit, protein powder is good for you”, ok maybe is or may be not. I don’t trust nothing in a package, because there maybe even shit in there, I don’t know. But the most interesting thing that I noticed when I was weight lifting and drinking protein powder is when I stopped drinking the protein powder(I didn’t stop weight lifting) my strength decreased a lot(And I was eating more than before). And than it hit me, the protein powder is made to make money and when you stop the protein powder(and all your muscles fall off) you will start thinking: “oh man I need to buy some of that protein powder, or I will look like a bitch”. All supplements are made to make money, and yeah some of them may help you to gain muscle mass, but after that you have to buy some more supplements or do it like me, the natural way. Watch what you eat people is not always what the label says.


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