Calisthenics Arm Workout

The exercises listed here are for novice and advance athletes, and also I’ve put in all of the exercises in a YouTube playlist, you can find it below.

Isolating the arm muscles with calisthenics moves is not as easy as grabbing set of dumbbells and pump up your bicep muscles. Nope, it goes way deeper than that.

The exercises that will help you build up muscle mass in your arms are not a lot, but you can mix’em up differently, change the intensity of the exercise, change the tempo or reduce your rest periods.

When the focus of your workout routine is to build up muscle mass, you should always try to pump your muscles to the max while performing any exercise.  

The exercises included in your calisthenics arm workout

Here are the exercises you can add to your workout routine.

Pushing exercises:

Pulling exercises:

Choose 4 exercises if you are new to this and as much as you want if you are advanced.

Having an equal number of pulling and pushing exercises will help you reduce possible future muscle imbalances.

Every exercises in a simple YouTube playlist

In this playlist you will find every exercises that I’ve listed above. If you don’t know how to perform any of the exercises from the list check out the playlist.

Are you new to body-weight training?

If you are completely new to body-weight training then your main priority is to build up strength by performing the fundamental exercises.

If you are doing 8+ pull ups, 10+ dips you can start training some different exercises like those above.

Simple starting program for a newbie

  1. 3x Bench dips
  2. 3x Chin ups
  3. 3x Close grip push ups
  4. 3x Body-weight rows or one arm body-weight row
  5. Rest ~1 minute

My personal arm workout

Once a week I do my normal workout + arm workout. My arm workout is entirely focused on the high reps(10+). And I perform the exercises until I can do no more reps.

I like to do 2(or 4) of those exercises when I feel like it:

  • Impossible dip negatives, or some progression exercise that will help me with this exercise
  • One arm body-weight row
  • Triceps extension
  • Slow chin ups or ring curls

The focus of my workout is to build strength and maybe muscle. I try to concentrate mainly on strength gains because my tall body gives me enough of resistance to the equation.

I strive for 3-6 reps and if it is a static move(i.e. front lever, L-sit) I will do a progression exercise that I could hold for 5-10 seconds.

The first exercise of my workout is the one I mostly want to develop the strength for and in the long term the progress with it is faster.

For an example if you want to develop bigger shoulders start with dips or handstand push ups.

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