Body Weight Shoulder Exercises at Home, read it and start training

Here you will find the best body weight shoulder exercises, that you can do at your place. You can read the article for 5 minutes and start the workout immediately after that, here is a little how-to on warming up. Start training!

I know that you probably train every day and you don’t see any strength or muscle gains in your shoulder muscles. When you get stuck in a plateau do something different, don’t try harder, it may help, but it may be a waste of time. The best choice is to try something different

Variety is always your best choice

Yes, but you have to stick to your program to achieve your goals.

And in this article I will discuss the exercises that will help you to gain strength and muscle mass in your shoulders. The exercises:

  • Dips
  • Pike push up
  • L-sit
  • Negative handstand push up



You can use two chairs for a dip bar

The dips are the best choice for a beginner athlete who did some strength training before, because for someone who never trained it is not easy to push your body weight off the parallel bars. Few years back it wasn’t easy for me neither.

By performing Dips, you will work on your deltoids, pecs, and triceps.

When you perform it, try to keep your form right. Keep your elbows in, try to keep them above your wrists. It is important to breath while you perform every exercise, breath in while you lower your body and exhale at the top.

If you can not perform a single rep of this exercise, here is a list of exercise you can do to help you progress to this classic move: Pushing exercises.

Pike push up


The pike push up is pretty intermediate stuff, it is one of the exercises that will help you develop strength and muscle in your shoulders, for sure, and if you are working on handstand push up, this is one of the exercises that will help you achieve this goal.

I am still working on it, I know, it is not perfect

I am still working on the achieving the pike stand, and right now I am working on stretching my hamstring and lower back, which is one of the things that is stopping me from the perfect pike and also my shoulders. But don’t worry I am working on every one of those issues. 🙂

By performing this exercise, you work on your deltoids and triceps.

As you see now, you need to be flexible to do it right, when you are doing it right you should look like a triangle(not like me). And to have the needed strength to do it with your elbows in.



The L-sit will help you develop strength in your rear deltoids, and is very important to keep the balance in your body, by training every muscle(please don’t take this the wrong way, I am talking about, different muscle group).

The L-sit will also help you work your way to the V-sit, but that also depends on flexibility.

By performing the L-sit you work on your deltoids and Triceps, the more you get close to the V-sit, the more you work on your rear deltoids.

You can see from the picture how to perform this exercise, just remember to keep your arms straight through the exercise and try to form a 90-degree angle with your body.

Negative Handstand Push-up


This is the hardest exercise on the list, there many exercises harder than this but I am still learning this exercise and I can not talk about an exercise that I can not even do. I am still mastering this exercise if you think that I said/did something wrong please feel free to share it with me in the comment section bellow.

By performing this exercise, you work on your deltoids and triceps.

When you are performing this exercise remember to keep the elbows close to the body and try to keep your back straight(which will make it much easier on your core muscles).

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