Calisthenics Equipment for a Home Gym

Calisthenics equipment that will fill your home gym with the most useful training gear.

So just to keep it simple as possible, all  you need as a calisthenics athlete is a pull-up bar, parallettes, fitness band and rings, but I really believe that for a beginner the pull-up bar is more than enough. But for an advanced athlete all this equipment plus some weights.

Let’s get in more detail on this topic.

Pull up bars

We all know what you can use the pull up bar for, but here are some of the common exercises you can do on a pull up bar: pull ups, rows, front levers, back levers, chin-ups, all kinds of different grip pull ups and many more, the only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

If you want to train at home this is the first thing you have to buy for your home gym. You can buy a doorway pull up bar(I’ve written an article about those: Best Doorway Pull up Bars) or something that you can mount on your wall like this:


You can order one from Amazon for 56,99 $ if you don’t like what you saw(and all the similar products) or you just don’t have a spare wall, you can mount one on your doorway


You can get one of those from Amazon for 13,99 $ 21,99$


On the parallettes you can perform mostly pushing exercises like handstand, L-sit, V-sit, Planche(and all of planche progression exercises), push ups, dips, again you are the only limitation(your imagination). The parallettes don’t take a lot of space, and you don’t need a lot of space to perform those exercises. If you don’t have space at home, grab your parallettes and go out(outside of your apartment, house or go out to the park).


You can order a pair from Amazon for 85,97$.

Parallettes are something that you can add to your workout if the weather outside is terrible and you don’t want to train in those conditions. And personally I prefer to train at my place because I will put some motivational music on(loud) and workout.


Rings are essential for every advance athlete, everything that you do on the rings is harder than everything that you perform on the ground. To use the rings, you have to put them on a very high bar or something that is very solid.


You can order gymnastic rings from Amazon for 33,50 $ 68$.

Fitness band

Both the fitness band and weights are not necessary for most of the athletes, but it will help them to reach the goals that they have. For example, I’ve used my current fitness band(for almost 2 years, those are pretty tough rubber bands) for push ups, triceps extension, dips and to progress to a full front lever.

fitness-band-calisthenics-equipmentYou can order your fitness band from Amazon for 20,95$.


You can use weights to add extra resistance to your workout, you can do weighted pull ups, dips and weighted front levers. Check my recent article on training with weights(Calisthenics with weights). If you are looking to buy weights, I advise you to buy kettlebells, because you can use  kettlebells for various exercises, unlike the plates. And to use the plates you need a barbell, which is extra money for almost nothing.


The price for the weights depends on how much they weigh, for an example this 10 lbs kettlebell from Amazon is 29,99$.

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  1. Antonio September 3, 2015 at 8:06 pm - Reply

    I have exact same pull up bar in my room. It is a great equipment for upper body workout for low amount of cash. Add kettlebells there and that’s it, you’re ready for beast workouts. Also, you can build your legs too.

    Great post, keep it up with the great work.

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