Appreciating the Body That You Have

Back Story:

The last three weeks I was kinda sick.

My body was fatigued just from working(which never happens) and I had the cough.

I was fatigue for few days but I still have some cough even right now.

And here in my country, we have winter, so working out outside was not a great idea for me until I got over the cough.

So the cough was almost gone and I haven’t been training for two weeks.

And on the first week I saw how I really missed it, but on the second week the habit slowly started to fade away.

At the third week when the cough started to heal I started considering working out again.

I started working out, but I wasn’t as consistent as before.

Due to stupid excuses.

The Story That Changed My Perspective:

So I was at work and one of my colleagues was missing for a week or so.

When he came back my friend asked him, “Hey, what’s up, did you get better?”

And he explained that he had this chronic disease that just comes up once in awhile.

The disease causes him to feel pain in his joints all over the body.

He was laying in his bed for the past week because of this disease.

And I don’t feel sorry for him because from the way he explained it, it felt like he accepted it and that he knows that this will come from time to time and there is almost nothing that he can do.

By the way, he is constantly researching to be healthy again.

How That Helped Me?

By nature I’m very empathetic.

And that gave me the ability to compare my current situations to his.

I have a body with which I could go for a run, for a hike or to train and I was staying at home procrastinating not doing all that.

And he has a body that from time to time makes him feel pain from moving it.

I got two major lessons from this story:

  1. To appreciate my body no matter the circumstances. 
  2. To celebrate(train/run/walk/hike/move) my body.

1. To Appreciate My Body NO Matter What

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This is the first major lesson that I learned from this because if the same guy is being asked if he wants to change his body with someones else’s body he would say yes.

He would want to have a healthy body that would allow him to do all the things that his current body is limiting him to do.

I watched a video that really helped me at one point of my life that I forgot but this story really reminded me about it.

The video is from Greg Plitt in which he addresses all the people who gave up mentally.

He advises the same people to take a day off and visit the hospital, the cancer department specifically.

And look at the patients who will probably will not live to their next birthday.

Or telling to someone who has a physical disability that we gave up.

The point here is that there is always someone who would want to be in our shoes right now.

Doesn’t matter what our current conditions are, we have to find something in us that we can be grateful for.

It sounds a bit spiritual, I know, but if we compare both ends of the spectrum of the way we treat ourselves.

The bitter end is, we look at our body and we see only flaws.

And if you stick around in the local gym you will notice that from people who have amazing bodies and from people who have average looking bodies(skinny or obese).

And the end of the spectrum is, we going to the gym, to the park for a hike, for a celebration of the body that we have.

We being thankful for the body that we have, for having the opportunity to move this body the way we can.

2. Being Thankful for the Body That We Have

Being thankful for the body means to just simple thank for the this awesome body that allows you to move around, train, hike do whatever you like.

It’s our responsibility to take good care of it, after all, if we do, we might add couple more years to this journey called life.

And taking care of it just practically means to move it, however we like.

This could be working out, walking, running, dancing, playing some kind of sport, whatever you like doing.

The Way Our Bodies Adapt

Our bodies adapt to whatever we throw at it.

If you start working out, you start doing pull ups, dips, push ups…

Your body will adapt to that and soon you will be able to do more reps than before.

And if we are sitting in front of the computer 10+ hours a day our body will adapt to that as well.

Obviously for this type of action it doesn’t take much of adapting.

The shoulders become a bit rounded because of our arms being extended to grab the keyboard and mouse.

And the head becomes a bit forwarded due to the poor sitting posture.

I’m talking from experiencing here, I spent my teenage years in front of the computer and this is how my body adapted to this lifestyle.

The greatest thing about our body which is also the most terrifying is that it adapts to everything.

We kinda have a choice to what our body to adapt.


Going training, working out, hiking, dancing, moving with the idea on the mind that we are doing this to celebrate our body.

And that doesn’t mean to forget our goals that we set out to accomplish.

This mindset will give us the opportunity to be happy with who we are right now rather than only dream of what we are going to be one day.

As corny as it sounds “Enjoy the moment”.

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