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Let's hang

This is me hanging

“Keep it simple”

Hi, I am Lyubomir and I love doing what I do, which is training with my own body and nothing else. I try to learn every day about this topic(bodyweight training) as much as possible, so I can make the best of my workouts. And also help with the sticking points of my clients by giving them advice for their workout routines.

I started training in a gym in 2011. I was training in a gym for a year and I learned a lot about training and a lot more how my body responds to training. After a year I started training only with my body. I started like everybody. I wasn’t so strong after the gym, but I had some basic strength, which helped me a little.

I train everyday. I focus on different muscle groups everyday, but sometimes for an example, I train for a week only for front lever. I try to do different combinations. If you want to see my progress through the time check my Instagram profile(@lyubo16).