Workout Journal, What for? Why? & How?


What’s a workout journal? Workout journal, workout diary or workout log is an app, website or notebook in which you input what you did during your workout. What’s the reason of the workout journal? Keeping track of your progress. Having details of what you were and what you will become. Motivate you to keep going … [Read more…]

How to Use Your Mind During Workout


Before starting with the main topic “How to use your mind during workout”… What does it even mean to use your mind during workout Have you had a time when you went to the gym and… The bird were singing, the sun was shining… In the mean time you were enjoying every rep of your … [Read more…]

The Most Important Rep of Your SET

In one long forgotten world there was one guy(ME 🙂 ) who was thin as a rail and this boy loved to play basketball even though he was not the best or the strongest. But my dream when playing basketball was to jump higher so I can dunk the basketball. I started looking for new … [Read more…]

Overall Summer Workout Report

Back lever on the sea side

Summer 2016 This summer I was working in a party resort, which was one of the best summers of my life, I’m 25 y/o the best summer for me is not so hard to accomplish. I was working as a promoter for two places, which overall was around 9 hours but actually it was 10 … [Read more…]

Cold Shower Challenge – The Ultimate Therapy

cold shower challenge therapy

What is a cold shower? Taking a cold shower means going under the ice cold for a number of health benefits that I list below. What are the benefits of doing the cold shower challenge? Improve circulations Relieves depression Burns fat Improves sleep Keeps skin and hair healthy Increases fertility Improved emotional resilience Speeds up muscle … [Read more…]

Eat Stop Eat – Book Review

eat stop eat Brad Pilon Intermittent fasting

A month ago I watched a TED talk(listed below) about intermittent fasting, which really ignited my curiosity, I quickly watched with amazement the video(twice, just to make sure that I got everything) and I started searching for more evidence that would eventually destroy my old belief that fasting is just a religious stuff that people … [Read more…]

Calisthenics Arm Workout

calisthenics arm workout

The exercises listed here are for novice and advance athletes, and also I’ve put in all of the exercises in a YouTube playlist, you can find it below. Isolating the arm muscles with calisthenics moves is not as easy as grabbing set of dumbbells and pump up your bicep muscles. Nope, it goes way deeper than … [Read more…]